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Murder Mystery Games

The Best Murder Mystery Games for 2023

Do you have a penchant for unsolved mysteries and a sharp eye for detail? Then you will certainly find murder mystery games engaging and thrilling.

These games push your limits of deductive reasoning, challenging you to unravel clues, interrogate suspects, and ultimately crack puzzling cases. They are typically simple to learn and provide hours of engaging entertainment.

While Cluedo may immediately come to mind when thinking of murder mystery games, let’s go beyond the classics and explore the exciting world of murder mystery games at home.

Best Murder Mystery Games:

  • Murder at the Manor
  • Unsolved Case Files
  • Murder Mystery Death by Chef’s Knife
  • Imposter! The After-Dinner Mystery Game
  • Guys, Dolls Guns ‘n’ Molls
  • Murder Mystery on the Night Train

Murder at the Manor

1. Murder at the Manor

Murder at the Manor is a captivating game for a group of 6-14 players. This mysterious game casts you and your friends as suspects in a hair-raising murder case.

Set within a haunted manor, players are tasked with employing their detective skills to deduce who the culprit is. The game includes everything you need to play – a detailed manor board, fascinating character cards, and clue cards that guide your investigation.

The gameplay involves each player selecting a character card and placing it before them. The manor board is then positioned in the center of the table. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their pieces around the board in an intense pursuit of clues.

Your objective is to gather clues and solve the mystery before anyone else. Clue cards can be acquired by landing on specific spaces on the board or correctly answering trivia questions about the murder victim. The game culminates when a player collects their fourth clue card or when someone cracks the case.

Gameplay Murder at the Manor
No. of Players 6-14
Objective Collect clues and solve the mystery
Winner The player who solves the murder first

Unsolved Case Files

2. Unsolved Case Files

Speaking from personal experience, the Unsolved Case Files game is an outstanding hit! It transforms your living room into a gripping crime scene, immersing players in a lifelike detective case.

This innovative board game assigns different roles to players, from detectives to crime scene investigators and forensic scientists. Your collaborative mission is to resolve the case by collecting evidence, interviewing suspects, and solving perplexing puzzles.

The most satisfying part of this game is the exhilaration of solving the puzzles. The game is laden with unexpected twists and turns, keeping the identity of the perpetrator concealed until the end, which makes for a riveting gameplay experience.

Furthermore, the well-executed graphics enhance the game’s visual appeal, adding to the feeling of immersion.

Gameplay Unsolved Case Files
No. of Players Variable
Objective Collect evidence, interview suspects, solve puzzles
Winner The team who solves the case

University Games Murder Mystery Case File a Chef's Knife

3. Murder Mystery Death by Chef’s Knife

Murder Mystery Death by Chef’s Knife is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that challenges players to solve a cooking conundrum.

In this engaging game for ages ten and up, players are tasked with unravelling a mystery surrounding a chef’s untimely demise. With a chef’s knife as the murder weapon, you’ll navigate through a list of suspects comprising the victim’s family, friends, and co-workers.

The game supplies a booklet containing clues and a map of the crime scene, aiding your journey to uncover the truth. Starting the game involves reading the case file and sharing the evidence cards among players.

The objective is to identify the suspect, the murder weapon, and the location of the murder. It requires a keen sense of observation and a knack for piecing together puzzle pieces.

Gameplay Murder Mystery Death by Chef’s Knife
No. of Players 2-6
Objective Determine the suspect, murder weapon, and location
Winner The player who correctly identifies all three elements


4. Imposter! The After-Dinner Mystery Game

Imposter! The After-Dinner Mystery Game offers an intriguing finish to a social evening. It follows the mechanics of a traditional murder mystery game but introduces an engaging element of bluffing.

In this game, one player takes on the role of the murderer, while others endeavour to unmask the perpetrator. The murderer aims to mislead others by adopting different personas, while other players must scrutinise behaviour and conversations to catch the culprit.

The game accommodates any number of players, but it’s best suited for groups of 4-10. It’s perfect for those with an eye for group dynamics and a knack for detecting subtle non-verbal cues.

Gameplay Imposter! The After-Dinner Mystery Game
No. of Players 4-10 (ideally)
Objective Identify the imposter among the group
Winner The player who correctly identifies the imposter

Ace MAFIA Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game

5. Guys, Dolls Guns ‘n’ Molls

Divided into two parts, the first phase of Guys, Dolls Guns ‘n’ Molls encourages players to mingle and acquaint themselves with each other. The second phase then plunges them into a sinister plot, forcing them to band together to solve a murder.

This game, best suited for 8-12 players, stands out for its detailed plots and scripts, making it a unique and exciting experience. Even though it might be a longer game, it offers a wonderful opportunity to embrace your character fully. Transform your gathering into a costume party to heighten the fun!

Gameplay Guys, Dolls Guns ‘n’ Molls
No. of Players 8-12
Objective Solve the murder mystery
Winner The player who solves the murder

Reusable Murder Mystery on the Train Game Kit

6. Murder Mystery on the Night Train

Engage in a thrilling murder mystery from the comfort of your home with Talking Tables’ Murder Mystery on the Night Train. This interactive game simulates the experience of being a passenger aboard the European Belle, tasked with unravelling a deadly mystery.

With character instructions, a victim, and three different endings, the game kit equips you for an immersive gaming experience. The game caters to 4-8 players and offers a more laid-back option for smaller groups seeking a less intense, yet equally thrilling game.

Gameplay Murder Mystery on the Night Train
No. of Players 4-8
Objective Solve the murder mystery
Winner The player who solves the murder

All in all, whether it’s a family game night, a gathering with friends, or a solo adventure, these are some of the best murder mystery games you can enjoy at home. So put on your detective hat and get ready to solve some intriguing mysteries!

best murder mystery games

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about murder mystery games.

What are the best murder mystery games to play at home?

Some of the best murder mystery games to play at home include Murder at the Manor, Unsolved Case Files, University Games Murder Mystery Death by Chef’s Knife, Imposter! The After-Dinner Mystery Game, Guys, Dolls Guns ‘n’ Molls, and Murder Mystery on the Night Train.

How many players are needed for the Murder at the Manor game?

The Murder at the Manor game can be played with 6-14 players. Each player assumes the role of a suspect in a murder mystery set in a haunted manor.

What are some good murder mystery games similar to Cluedo?

Games like Murder at the Manor and Unsolved Case Files game are excellent alternatives to Cluedo, offering a unique and immersive murder mystery experience.

What is unique about the Unsolved Case Files game?

The Unsolved Case Files game is unique as it simulates a real-life detective case where players assume roles like detectives, crime scene investigators, and forensic scientists, and work together to solve the case.

Can Imposter! The After-Dinner Mystery Game be played with a large group?

Yes, the Imposter game is perfect for large groups and is best suited for 4-10 people. It involves a bluffing element where one player is the murderer and the others try to identify them.

What are some immersive murder mystery games for a dinner party?

Games like Murder at the Manor, Guys, Dolls Guns ‘n’ Molls, and the Imposter game are great choices for a dinner party as they combine social interaction with intriguing plot twists and suspenseful gameplay.

Are there any murder mystery games that can be played solo?

While most murder mystery games are designed for multiple players, some, like the Unsolved Case Files game, can be tackled solo if you fancy yourself a mystery-solving whizz.

Are there murder mystery games suitable for kids?

The University Games Murder Mystery Death by Chef’s Knife game is recommended for ages ten and up, making it a suitable choice for older children interested in murder mystery games. Always remember to check the recommended age before choosing a game.

What are the playtimes for these murder mystery games?

Most of these murder mystery games at home take around 2-3 hours to complete, providing hours of engaging entertainment for you and your guests.