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History Board Games

The Best History Board Games which are Educational and Fun!

Board games about history create a reason for families and friends to gather and play together. Yes, there are numerous activities that families and friends can engage in such as watching TV, eating meals, and playing outside.

However, games encourage fun and social connection between families and friends.

This mix of education and fun is the perfect way to introduce historic lore and develop an interest in historic eras, people and civilisations!

Are you interested in board games about history? Keep Reading because you may learn something new!

Board Games about History:

Horrible Histories The Board Game

1. Horrible Histories The Board Game

Move from the awful Ancients to modern times by answering multiple choice questions on the Horrible Histories The Board Game. Based on a series of movies, TV shows, and books, the game takes history and spins it into a fun activity.

Based on the phenomenon that is the “Horrible History” books, it has the same artwork and style that your children know and love!

Designed for up to 4 players ages 8 years and up, it takes players through history where they act out charades and avoid Rattus.

Great entertainment for the kids, the game includes three dice, play pieces, and 25 chance cards. It also comes with a red booklet, a green booklet, a purple booklet, a yellow booklet, and a game board.

The game board has four coloured quadrants. Each quadrant represents a historical era, and its colour coordinated with the question booklets.

To play the game, players start at the centre of the game board and then progress through the Savage Stone age to the Middle Ages. The winner is the first player to reach the present day.

Monopoly Horrible Histories

2. Monopoly Horrible Histories

Take the journey through history from the Stone Age to the Victorian times with Monopoly Horrible Histories.

On your way to conquer the British Empire, you’ll encounter the Romans, Celts, and many more. Be careful not to lose your head to the Terrible Tudors and when dealing with the Pirates, keep calm.

As one of the best family games, it’s designed for 2 to 6 players and recommended for ages 3 years and up.

Like the classic Monopoly game, the Monopoly Horrible Histories includes a colourful board, cards, game pieces, and dice. It also includes a chopping block, sphinx, treasure chest, crown, axe, and your own Rattus.

Monopoly Horrible Histories is a roll-and-move game where players move around the board game. You can pick up a Curious Chance where you’ll face an ordeal by cake.

Or you can try Treasure Chest where you’ll have to collect pee in a bucket. The winner is the first player to capture the British Empire and have the most money.

BrainBox British History Game

3. BrainBox British History Game

With over 430 questions on British History, BrainBox British History Game is an exciting and educational family game. ,

The game features events and characters throughout British History. Players will get to test their memories and powers of observation by answering questions on Stonehenge, and much more

Fast-paced and easy to play, this game is perfect for every occasion for adults and kids alike. Designed to be played in minutes, the game works in harmony with your kids’ natural curiosity to learn and build knowledge. Basically, it helps set the foundation for lifelong learning.

Suitable for 2+ players and ages 8 years and up, it contains 55 game cards with 430 questions, a rules card, 8 sided die, and a ten-second timer. To play the game, simply pick a card, turn the timer, and you have 10 seconds to answer. When the time is up, turn the card over, roll the dice then answer corresponding questions to win the card.

4. Kids vs Parents World History

Take an interesting journey through history with Kids vs Parents World History. The game contains questions prepared for kids 6 years and up. Kids can learn who went to the moon first, who was Albert Einstein, and much more.

These questions enable kids to rediscover unique characters and events that changed the world.

As a fantastic holiday gift for families., the game includes 2 pawns, 208 questions, 54 cards, tokens, a game board, and instructions. Easy to play, players divide themselves into two teams – parent and a child, children and a parent, or a child and a parent.

The objective of the game is to reach the finish line. The team that does so wins the game. Not only does the game improve learning and perfect your knowledge of history. But families get to spend time together and bond… and take that win over Mum and Dad!

Twisted History Board Game

5. Twisted History Board Game

Learn throughout the seven eras of history with the Twisted History Board Game.

This laugh-out-loud trivia game takes you through history where life and death were rather gruesome. In the box, you’ll find a themed game board, 30 twist cards, 350 question cards, 6 devices, and 7 meeples.

Players start with ancient times where they learn about the many weird things that happened during that era. Then they move through the eras until they reach the Roman era which covers 500 years of history. During this era, players will learn about the Roman emperors and senators plus much more.

Players need to stay ahead of the executioner as they answer the questions. If a player gets nine wrong answers, he is dead. The question is can you outwit mortality while navigating thousands of years of history? If you can, then you become the winner and declare yourself the history buff of the night!

Catan Histories Settlers of America

6. Catan Histories Settlers of America

Another board game about history that you and your family will love is Catan Histories Settlers of America.

Settlers have landed in America seeking fresh opportunities. They are looking to head west in wagon trains to tame the wild lands and build cities. Due to the distances between the cities, railroads are necessary to transport vital goods.

This is where players come in. You select a colour and take a building costs cards and game pieces of that colour. Place your starting pieces that include 3 cities, a train, and a rail. These cities do not produce resources, but you can deliver goods to them.

Begin your turn by rolling both dice, or choose to play a development card. If you roll a 7, move the outlaw, and if you don’t roll a 7, the terrain hexes produce resources for all players. Play time is 60 to 90 minutes, and the game utilises the Catan hex grid presenting a map of the US. This game is insanely fun and a great, unique way of blending history and fun.

About Time Board Game

7. About Time Board Game

Beautifully designed, About Time Board Game is a multiplayer board game where players answer questions.

Fast and infectious, the game comes with two packs of cards with lots of questions. Designed for 7 years and up and for 2+ players, the questions cover historical figures such as Mozart, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, and many more.

Players have 30 seconds to guess the year of an event. This game has no wrong answers as players have the chance to guess as close as they can. About Time Board Game has numerous surprises and pitfalls.

For example, players can catch the Plague, be challenged to a duel, or watch as their fortunes fall. The questions come in six categories such as state and nation, word and thought, everyday life, the arts, and much more. To win the game, players need fast fingers and minds to take the crown.

7 Wonders 2nd Edition

8. 7 Wonders 2nd Edition

Suitable for 3 to 7 players ages 10 years and over, the game comes with a 7 Wonder Board, 148 Age cards, 78 coins, 48 military conflict tokens, and a scorepad. It also comes with a list of cards and chains sheet, a rule book, and three descriptions of effects sheets.

As the leader of your city, your goal is to gather resources, develop commercial routes and military supremacy. There are three stages in the game where each player has an opportunity to play 6 cards and develop their city. The player will draw a hand of cards passed around the table.

At the end of each age, players will compare their military strength with that of their opponents. Once the third age is over, players score the points, and the winner is the player with the most points. Strategy is key in this game and multiple plays will develop more knowledge AND skills to help with their history knowledge and their gaming skills!

BrainBox Horrible Histories Awful Ancients

9. BrainBox Horrible Histories Awful Ancients

BrainBox Horrible Histories Awful Ancients is a ten-minute brain challenge and visual memory game for one or more players.

It comes with 54 illustrated picture cards in true Horrible Histories style. Inside the box, you’ll find 55 cards, a rules card, sand time and die.

The objective of the game is simple – study a card for 10 seconds, then answer a question based on the roll of a die. For example, you can find questions such as what colour was Boudica’s hair or what colour dress is Boudica wearing?

If you answer a question correctly, you keep the card. The winner is the player with the most number of cards after 5 to 10 minutes of playing time.

Natural History Museum Monopoly Dinosaurs Game

10. Natural History Museum Monopoly Dinosaurs Game

If your kids love dinosaurs, then this is the perfect game for them.

The game allows players to live the life of a palaeontologist. In fact, it takes you back to the Mesozoic era where you can explore continents, dinosaur sites, and other discoveries.

Whilst you might be thinking “Dinosaurs aren’t really history knowledge” You can absolutely stem off to biology, discovering evolution of species, environments, archaeology, differing genus and their habitats.

Suitable for 2 to 6 players, this family board game is easy to play just like the classic Monopoly game. However, instead of buying and selling property, you make deals with other palaeontologists. You also get to explore labs and excavation sites as you collect the best fossils.

As the ideal holiday gift, the game helps improve communication skills and also introduces kids to dinosaurs. To win the game, you need to outsmart your rivals. Why you may ask. There is only one room for a Professor of Palaeontology.

Final Thoughts…

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you are looking for the perfect gift for your kids, then we recommend board games about history. Suitable for all ages, these games provide lots of fun as families spend time together.

The ability to add an educational element to an otherwise “fun” activity is a win on all fronts. Any one of these games could spark that fire in your players to take up a new hobby, interest or maybe even set them on a career path for the future.