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Pampers has made a device which notifies you when your baby has a dirty nappy!

Figuring out your baby’s nappy is wet can be tricky. But guess what? Problem solved. All thanks to a new device by Pampers (which has just launched in America!)

Lumi by Pampers combines an activity sensor with a smart HD video monitor to gather real-time information in a single app. You can use the information to understand your baby’s toilet, feeding and sleeping patterns and, in turn, create a suitable routine.

With Lumi, you can tell what your baby needs anytime, from anywhere, via your smartphone. It is way more than just a dirty nappy app.

Lumi’s Unique Features

Check out its unique features;

PACKAGE –  Lumi by pampers package contains one smart baby sleep sensor, one smart sleep sensor, 3 Lumi nappies in sizes Newborn to size 4. The app is available on iOS and Android in the United States of America.

CRYSTAL CLEAR VIEWS – Lumi monitor clarity is second to none. It features 1080p HD resolution, ultra-wide 180 degrees view and night vision.

2-WAY AUDIO – Lumi’s background audio remains on when you are on another app or when your phone is off. The 2-way audio allows you to soothe your baby to sleep from anywhere.

SLEEP TRACKING AND COACHING –  Lumi’s smart sleep sensor will track your baby’s sleep any day. You will also access sleep training ideas for babies aged zero to six months from paediatric sleep experts via the Lumi App.

LUMI LOOKBACK – you can access previous baby sleeping moments courtesy of the Lumi lookback feature. You can share a video of your baby sleeping all night with your loved ones later in the day.

How does it work?…

To monitor your baby’s nappies, turn on the Lumi smart sensor and attach it to the designated nappy patch. It will automatically sense your baby’s sleep patterns and wet nappies, transmitting the information to the Lumi app on your phone.

There are different icons on your Lumi app for very wet, wet and dry. However, the sensor only detects wetness. You might have to check manually if the nappy has poop.

The sensors’ batteries last for three months. Since they aren’t replaceable, you will have to replace the sensor.

Lumi sensors work exclusively with Lumi pamper nappies. These nappies are as good as the normal pampers nappies but come with a sensor patch. The price is also budget-friendly.

Final verdict

The Lumi by Pampers Smart Baby Monitor and Sensor is a smart choice for all parents, particularly parents with newborns. While the sensor will serve you for up to 1 year, you can use the monitor and app for an extended period. Besides informing you that your baby’s nappy needs to be changed, you will enjoy much more benefits in the long run.

Lumi by Pampers is currently available in America. If it lands in the UK, are you willing to try it out? Let’s know what you think?