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You Can Now Buy Cute Self-Watering Dinosaur Planters in the UK

Greenzaurus dinosaur drinking planters (Available at Firebox) are easy-to-use ceramic self-watering planters that allow you to grow houseplants hassle-free. Using their large, protruding tongues, these dinosaur planters drink just the right amount of water from the water bowls eliminating overwatering or underwatering issues.

The planters come with their plants (wild strawberry, sweet basil, or four-leaf clover), so you don’t have to do anything but fill the bowls with water and connect the tongues of the planters to the bowls for watering.

What do you do when the plant outgrows the planter?

You can move the plant to a larger planter and reuse the planter for another small herb.

So yes, for £14.99, a Greenzaurus Dinosaur Drinking Planter is one of the best gifts you can give to a dinosaur lover. Greenzaurus dinosaur drinking planters can also be used as a ceramic ornament, so they’re still an excellent gift for anyone who is not an indoor plants lover.