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You Can Now Buy a Fully Operational Forklift Truck for your Child!

Do you know a child who is obsessed with big machinery? if so there’s the perfect toy on the market for them!

The Big Linde Pedal Forklift Truck…

The Big Linde Pedal Forklift Truck is a ride-on toy  which is recommended for Children over the age of 3.

Manufactured in Germany, the Linde Forklift boasts outstanding quality at tremendous value. The truck comes with sturdy child-powered pedals, an adjustable seat, moving forklift and pallet accessory to transport all their pieces of cargo. With the help of a lever, any child can operate the adjustable forklift mechanism independently; it can be moved forwards and backwards, up or down. The Linde Forklift also benefits from a fully ergonomic design, thoughtfully created to ensure your little one can play comfortably all day long.

The Big Linde Pedal Forklift Truck is a  high-quality, safe and sturdy ride-on toy and it’s available to buy at Argos now!