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Over 115 Baby Names That Mean Fire (for Boys and Girls)

Welcome, new parents, to the exciting world of baby names! If you’re looking for a name that reflects your child’s fiery spirit, you’ve come to the right place.

Baby names that mean fire are rising in popularity and for good reason – they’re unique, bold, and full of energy.

By choosing a fiery baby name, you’re making a statement that your child is destined to stand out. Fire-inspired baby names can represent passion, strength, and transformation. Plus, these names are sure to ignite interest amongst your family and friends.

So, are you ready to explore the world of fire-inspired baby names? Look no further – in this article we’ll be providing you with a range of options to choose from. From names with direct associations to fire to unique and creative options, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to spark your imagination and find the perfect name for your little one. Let’s dive into the world of baby names that mean fire!

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Fire-inspired baby names

Names with a Fiery Twist

If you’re looking for baby names related to fire, there are plenty of options to choose from. Names for babies meaning fire can be unique and captivating, with a fiery meaning that’s sure to ignite interest. Here are some baby names with a fiery meaning:

Name Meaning
Agni A Hindu name meaning “fire”
Blaze A name inspired by flames that represents passion and intensity
Ember A name that refers to a glowing piece of wood or coal
Ignatius A Latin name that means “fiery one”
Loki A name inspired by the Norse god of fire and trickery
Phoenix A name inspired by the mythical bird that symbolizes rebirth and transformation
Solenne A French name that means “solemn” but also has associations with the sun, an ultimate source of fire

These are just a few examples of baby names with fiery meanings; there are many more to choose from. By selecting a name that represents fire, you’re giving your baby a name that signifies strength, passion, and energy.

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names that mean fire

Flames of Creativity: Unique Fire-Inspired Names

Are you looking for a name that is a bit more unique, but still has a fiery meaning? Look no further than these popular and unique baby names with fire-related meanings.

Name Meaning Origin
Enya Meaning “little fire” Irish
Azar Meaning “fire” Persian
Bren Meaning “blaze” or “tear” Gaelic
Brigid Connected to a goddess of fire and hearth Irish
Fiamma Flame Italian

These unique names not only have a fiery meaning, but they are also not commonly used, adding a touch of originality to your child’s name.

“I wanted something unique, but still with a strong and powerful meaning. That’s why I chose the name Solana for my daughter.” – Parent

But if you prefer a name that’s a bit more common, there are plenty of popular names that also have fire-related meanings. Here are a few:

  • Aidan – meaning “little fire” in Gaelic
  • Leo – meaning “lion” or “fire” in Latin
  • Adara – meaning “fire” in Hebrew

No matter which name you choose, a fire-inspired name is sure to ignite your imagination and complement your child’s unique personality.

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names that mean fire

The Popularity of Fire: Famous Figures with Fiery Names

If you’re searching for a fiery baby name, you can draw inspiration from notable figures throughout history and pop culture who share this theme. From mythical gods to modern-day celebrities, there is no shortage of names with fire-related meanings.

One popular example is the name Phoenix, inspired by the legendary bird that rises from its own ashes. This name has been used by several celebrities, including Joaquin Phoenix, who won an Academy Award for his role in the 2019 film Joker.

Another iconic figure with a fiery name is Hercules, the mythological hero known for his incredible strength and bravery. This name has seen a recent resurgence in popularity, perhaps due to its association with Disney’s animated film, Hercules.

Name Notable Figure
Leo Leonardo DiCaprio, American actor and environmentalist
Ember Ember Moon, American professional wrestler
Blaise Blaise Pascal, French mathematician and philosopher

Other names that mean fire or have fire-related connotations include Leo, Ember, and Blaise. These names have been used by notable figures in various fields, from acting to professional wrestling to philosophy.

Whether you’re drawn to the strength and power of Hercules or the rebirth symbolism of Phoenix, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to fiery baby names.

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names that mean fire

50 Girl Names that Mean Fire:

Enya: Derived from the Irish name Eithne, meaning “little fire”.

Azar: Persian origin, meaning “fire”.

Brigid/Brigitte: Irish origin, connected to a goddess of fire and hearth.

Tana: Hindi origin, meaning “body of fire”.

Calida: Spanish origin, meaning “heated” or “burning”.

Nina: Quechua origin, meaning “fire”.

Edana: Celtic origin, meaning “little fire”.

Molka: Hebrew origin, meaning “queen of fire”.

Vesta: Roman origin, named after the goddess of the hearth and fire.

Seraphina: Derived from the Seraphim, celestial beings associated with light and fire.

Elda: Italian origin, meaning “warrior maiden” or “sacred fire”.

Helia: Greek origin, meaning “sun” or “fire of the sun”.

Shula: Arabic origin, meaning “flame”.

Fiamma: Italian for “flame”.

Eshana: Sanskrit origin, meaning “desire”, symbolically linked to the fire of desire.

Tanwen: Welsh origin, meaning “white fire”.

Anala: Sanskrit origin, meaning “fire”.

Idalia: Derived from the Greek word ‘idalios’, connected to the sun and fire.

Eilinora: Originated from Eleonora, often associated with the sun and fire.

Sholeh: Persian origin, meaning “flame”.

Elidi: Greek origin, meaning “gift of the sun”.

Alev: Turkish origin, meaning “flame”.

Elara: One of Zeus’s lovers, the name is often associated with warmth and fire.

Barbara: Greek origin, meaning “strange” or “foreign”, but it’s also the name of Saint Barbara, the patron saint of artillerymen and miners, invoking fiery imagery.

Bridget: Another form of Brigid, tied to the fire goddess.

Eliane: Hebrew origin, meaning “sun”, which is closely related to fire.

Candela: Spanish origin, meaning “candle” or “fire”.

Solana: Spanish origin, meaning “sunshine”.

Mirri: Aboriginal origin, meaning “sun”.

Sorcha: Gaelic origin, meaning “brightness” or “radiance”, evoking images of fire.

Sunniva: Norse origin, meaning “sun gift”.

Alinta: Aboriginal origin, meaning “flame”.

Aithne: Gaelic origin, meaning “fire”.

Tierra: Spanish origin, although it means “earth”, its fiery variant is associated with molten lava.

Anshula: Sanskrit origin, meaning “radiant” or “bright as sun”.

Solene: French origin, meaning “solemn” or “ardent”.

Solara: Latin origin, meaning “of the sun”.

Kyra: Greek origin, often associated with the sun.

Chandelle: French origin, meaning “candle”, symbolizing fire.

Soleil: French origin, meaning “sun”.

Aine: Irish origin, meaning “radiance” or “glow”.

Cira: Italian origin, meaning “sun”.

Diellza: Albanian origin, meaning “sunset”.

Elene: Greek origin, meaning “torch” or “bright, shining light”.

Eloise: Origin debated but often associated with the sun.

Leana: Polynesian origin, meaning “sunlight”.

Solveig: Norse origin, meaning “strong sun”.

Sunshine: English origin, directly relating to the sun’s fiery ball.

Thea: Greek origin, meaning “goddess”, often associated with light and the sun.

Ushma: Sanskrit origin, meaning “heat” or “warmth”.

Fire-inspired baby names

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50 Boy Names that Mean Fire:

Kenneth: Scottish origin, meaning “born of fire”.

Fintan: Irish origin, meaning “white fire”.

Brent: Celtic origin, meaning “fire” or “flame”.

Tuncay: Turkish origin, meaning “bronze moon”, often linked with the fiery hue of bronze.

Eldred: Old English origin, meaning “old fire”.

Seraphim: Hebrew origin, referring to celestial beings associated with light and fire.

Joash: Hebrew origin, meaning “fire of the Lord”.

Egan: Gaelic origin, meaning “little fire”.

Eoghan (Owen): Irish origin, meaning “born of the yew (tree)”, symbolically linked to fire due to the wood’s combustibility.

Barak: Hebrew origin, meaning “lightning”, a form of natural fire.

Brando: Teutonic origin, meaning “firebrand” or “sword”.

Brennan: Irish origin, meaning “descendant of the sad one”, but “bren” also means “tear” or “drop” as in a droplet of flame.

Edric: Old English origin, meaning “rich in rulership”, but in some cultures, it can also symbolize “fire power”.

Uri: Hebrew origin, meaning “my light” or “my flame”.

Tyson: Old French origin, meaning “firebrand”.

Agni: Sanskrit origin, directly referencing the god of fire in Hindu mythology.

Anshul: Sanskrit origin, meaning “radiant” or “bright as sun”.

Aatish: Persian origin, meaning “fire” or “explosive”.

Serafin: A variation of Seraphim, celestial beings associated with light and fire.

Azriel: Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my help”, but also associated with a spiritual fire.

Vulcan: Roman origin, the god of fire and metalworking.

Aden: Gaelic origin, meaning “little fire”.

Meshach: Hebrew origin, one of the three men in the Bible who were thrown into a fiery furnace but came out unscathed.

Castor: Greek origin, though it means “beaver”, the Castor star is one of the two bright stars in the constellation Gemini and is often associated with fiery brilliance.

Drake: English origin, meaning “dragon”, a creature often associated with fire.

Elio: Spanish origin, meaning “sun”, symbolically linked to fire.

Pyrrhus: Greek origin, meaning “flame-colored” or “red-haired”.

Sulien: Welsh origin, meaning “sun born”.

Conleth: Irish origin, meaning “chaste fire”.

Prometheus: Greek origin, the Titan who brought fire to mankind.

Oran/Órán: Gaelic origin, meaning “light” or “pale”, but historically associated with fire’s glow.

Shalev: Hebrew origin, meaning “calm”, but also has roots in the word for “flame”.

Taymullah: Arabic origin, meaning “servant of the fire”.

Vukan: Slavic origin, derived from the word meaning “to cast” as in casting metal, implying fire.

McKenzie: Gaelic origin, son of the wise leader, but “Ken” has connotations of “born of fire”.

Magnar: Norse origin, meaning “strength” and “warrior”, historically linked with fire’s might.

Orión: Spanish origin, referencing the Orion constellation which has stars that have been described as fiery.

Rohit: Sanskrit origin, meaning “red”, symbolizing the color of fire.

Sirius: Greek origin, meaning “glowing” or “scorching”, and is the name of the brightest star in the night sky.

Snapir: Hebrew origin, meaning “nail” or “sharp”, but historically linked with fire’s intensity.

Sorin: Romanian origin, meaning “sun”, symbolically linked to fire.

Sulayman: Arabic origin, meaning “man of peace”, but Sulayman was a prophet granted control over jinn often associated with fire.

Samson: Hebrew origin, meaning “sun”, symbolically linked to fire.

Taj: Arabic origin, meaning “crown”, but historically associated with the fire’s glow.

Tanay: Sanskrit origin, meaning “son”, but has roots implying “of the fire”.

Uriel: Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my light” or “fire of God”.

Vulcain: French origin, another name for the Roman god of fire.

Ynyr: Welsh origin, historically associated with fire.

Zarek: Slavic origin, meaning “may God protect the king”, but historically linked with fire.

Zohar: Hebrew origin, meaning “light” or “brilliance”, symbolically linked to fire.

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Final Thoughts

Fire has been a symbol of strength, passion, and transformation throughout history and across cultures. By selecting a name that embodies these qualities, you can give your child a sense of purpose and power from the start.

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