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15 Timeless and Classic Baby Girl Names

Timeless baby girl names are classic names used many years back but are still popular today. Their value goes beyond their meaning; they have cultural touches and the right nostalgia.

Unlike other names, timeless baby girl names have maintained their fame and usage throughout the years. Some have survived through eras and decades.

This article shall list some of the baby girls’ names that have remained timeless and classic up to date. We shall also state their meaning. They include the following;

1. Amanda

This cute baby girl’s name means;

· Deserving to be loved

· Worthy of love

Its popularity grew in the ‘80s, and 40 years later, this adorable name is still given to baby girls today.

2. Breanna

What a great and unique name! Its masculine form is Brian. The spelling of Breana is in English. This sweet name means;

· Strong

· Noble

· Virtuous

3. Brielle

The spelling of this classy name is in French, meaning “God is my strength”. In 2019, Brielle made it to the top 100 of the most popular, classic baby girls’ names. People still use it today.

4. Bridget

It’s an enthralling name common from the olden times to date. The name sounds noble and means;

· Virtue

· Strength

· Power

· Vigor

· Exalted one

· Strong man of God

Though its popularity was at its peak in the ‘70s, some people still use this unique baby girl name to date.

5. Carolyn

Classic baby girl names like Carolyn with strong meanings never become old-fashioned. They are always here to stay. Carolyn originated from Italy, meaning;

· Strong

· Joy

· Song of happiness

· A free man

6. Catherine

This adorable name is believed to have emerged from various places like Greek, Irish, and France. Whichever the origin, this name means;

· Pure

· Clear

With endless nicknames, Catherine is among the most consistently used old girls names.

7. Chelsea

With its playful flair, some international football clubs have adopted the name. It’s a beautiful, classic name with its roots in Old English. It means;

· Chalk landing place

· Chalk wharf

Biblically, the name means “brave ruler”.

8. Christina

It’s an old classic name with its origin in Greek. This pretty feminine name means;

· A Christian

· Follower of Christ

· Anointed

Christina was famous in the 1970s and 1980s. While as it’s not commonly used today, it’s still fashionable.

9. Daniela

This gorgeous name with its roots in Italy sounds nice. Biblically, Daniela is associated with Prophet Daniel of the Old Testament. The term means;

· God has judged

· God is the judge

· God is my judge

Daniela’s popularity climaxed in the last 20 years. It’s such a sweet name for a baby girl still in use today.

10. Ellen

It’s an alluring word of Greek origin. Ellen means;

· Shining light

· Sunray

· Bright

· Torch

· Beautiful

Biblically, Ellen means;

· My God is abundance

· My God is an oath

11. Gwen

With its origin in Welsh, Gwen implies;

· White

· Holy

· Blessed

· Good

· Well

This adorable name was among the top girls’ names in the US in 2013. Currently, parents choose it more often as a standalone name for their baby girls.

12. Heidi

Though most people still use this dazzling name, it’s not that common. Heidi would work out great if you look for a unique, timeless, classy name for your baby girl. It originated from Germany and means;

· Nobility

· Noble birth

· Noble type or kind

13. Holly

The origin of this divine name is Old English. The British crafted it from ‘holegen’ and ‘holen’, meaning “the holly tree”. In French, the word means “shrub”. Its use started at the beginning of the 20th C. Most parents give their daughters this cute name if born within the Christmas season.

14. Jessica

It is one of those beautiful, timeless baby girls’ names that never fades away. With its roots in Hebrew, this enticing name means;

· God beholds

· Rich

This name may not make it to the top 100 popular baby girls’ names today, but it always remains on the radar.

15. Jocelyn

Jocelyn is an old classy name with its roots in Old German. It means;

· Member of the Gauts tribe

· Happy

· Playful


Timeless baby girl names formed a long time ago but still fashionable today are many. The list above illustrates only a few of the many. If not sure what to call your baby girl, use the above list as your starting point.