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Things To Do in Fuerteventura for Families

Fuerteventura is a great location to explore when travelling with your family. Its aesthetically pleasing landscape with beautiful rocks and coastlines makes the Canary island an exciting place to visit with your loved ones.

If you’d like to have some adventure with your family, there are things to do in Fuerteventura that you will all find interesting and wholesome. A single trip will create a series of ecstatic memories and stories you can share with friends and acquaintances whenever you recall your Fuerteventura adventure.

A List of Things To Do in Fuerteventura With Your Family

There are a range of activities, sights and pleasures you can experience when visiting Fuerteventura with your family. If you love adventure, fun and nature, you’ll definitely enjoy bonding with your family by doing any of the following:

Visit Oasis Park

Want a fun hangout with amazing animals? The oasis park in the stunning fish village at La Lajita will offer you such an experience. You can interact with different animals, including lemurs, sea lions and camels.

The park also organises events to display reptiles, sea lions, beautiful and colourful birds such as parrots, owls, eagles and hawks. You’ll watch these animals glide around you to some nice background music.

If you go on this trip with young kids, you can point them to different animals and tell them their names so they can identify them in the future. Taking pictures at the park with the animals or when performing an activity like camel riding can help you salvage the memory to reminisce on in the future.

Go to a Museum

Museums hold historical treasures that tell you stories or events that took place in the past. You can take your family to a museum at Fuerteventura and allow them to observe and learn from the exhibitions.

You may also be with a guide that you can ask questions to understand what the exhibitions mean and the value they hold. Fuerteventura museums differ from traditional ones because they are thematic. This means you can touch or interact with the artwork on display.

Kids will have a more exciting experience at these museums because they are in an inquisitive and explorative phase.

Have a Sea Adventure at the Oceanarium Explorer

Visiting the Fuerteventura allows you to experience new things, like going underwater. You can visit the Oceanarium Explorer to explore various activities with your family. For instance, you can get on a submarine and go on an underwater adventure.

You’ll get a clear view of the sea and different creatures swimming in their natural environment. If interested, you can also opt for swimming sessions with sea lions.

Boat excursions are also available at the cruise to transport you to areas on the sea with a population of dolphins and whales. You’ll get a vivid glimpse of these majestic sea creatures. Kids can go on jet skis or pirate ships and have fun on the water.

The Oceanarium Explorer also rents kayaks and Pedal boats to those who wish to spend time chilling on the sea. If you wish to explore the marine elements with your family, then a trip to the Oceanarium Explorer will satisfy that craving.

Visit the Refreshing Acua Water Park

If you visit Fuerteventura during the summer, you should make a not-so-quick stop at the Acua Water Park. This refreshing location at north Corralejo offers a great place with cooling and relaxing activities.

If you enjoy splashing around in refreshing water, you’ll have much fun at this location. You can enter a large jacuzzi by going down wavy slides or the kamikaze. A family can swim together inside the wave pool, which can be set to different intensities.

The park is usually not open during the winter, which may be no surprise. If you’d like to enjoy the water rides, plan your Fuerteventura adventure in the summer.

See the Fuerteventura Mountain

Don’t leave Fuerteventura without visiting the magical Tindaya mountain called the Sacred Mountain of  Fuerteventura. Take your family to view such an astonishing sight and allow everyone to take in the beauty for themself.

This mountain is located at Llano de Esquinzo in the heart of La Oliva and among the Biosphere reserves’ natural beauties. It holds a significant historical value as the mountain is interesting to archaeologists. Some old footprints and engravings help them try to understand the evolution of humans from centuries ago.

You can spend time with your family to appreciate this centuries-old view and learn about its cultural and historical significance. The island natives called the mountain Montaña Sagrada or sacred mountain because they believe it has magical abilities.

While on the Tindaya mountain, you’ll see a particular plant species known as the cuernúa. Animals like birds and lizards also move around freely within this natural environment.

A visit to this magical mountain with your family is one you shouldn’t bargain with as the experience and memory will always be something awesome to remember.

Take a Boat to Isla de Lobos

Most things to do in Fuerteventura involve observing, enjoying and interacting with nature. A boat ride to Isla de Lobos or Lobos Island is no different; it’s a fifteen-minute trip from Corralejo. Lobos Island is a natural beauty that houses diverse sea creatures, from sharks and dolphins to barracudas.

As a natural reserve, the island maintains its natural vegetation and geology. It’s a great place for nature enthusiasts to spend some time and relax. You can walk with your family on the hiking trail and enjoy its beauty.

Visit Corralejo Dunes National Park

You can’t run out of things to do in Fuerteventura when exploring stunning natural views and landscapes. The movie-like sand dunes at Corralejo National Park are a nice adventurous spot you can visit with your family.

You can allow your kids to use up some energy by running around and rolling down the cushion sand until they exhaust themselves. Such an outdoor moment is fun and healthy for kids, so let them express themselves. There’s a coastline where you can all rinse off the sand on your bodies and relax.

Explore an Escape Room

While most of the things to do in Fuerteventura are outdoor activities, you can explore an indoor adventure with your family. You can visit the escape room at Puerto del Rosario; they have a kart track you can check out too.

Escape rooms provide adventurous games where you try to solve some puzzles or riddles to escape before the time elapses. It’s a fun activity to do with your family, especially if your kids are adolescents or teenagers.

They may be excited to figure out the answers to puzzles and go through all of them within the time allocated. If you’re an indoor adventure-loving family, make some time to visit an escape room at Fuerteventura.

Go for a Drive on Gran Karting Fuerteventura

The Gran Karting Fuerteventura is another great location for kids to use up their energy if they’re old enough to drive. If not, they can be passengers while adults handle the steering.

Race lovers will enjoy the 1000-metre track, and everyone old enough to drive can get a chance to display their driving abilities. The presence of a supportive staff helps visitors understand how to navigate their way around and enjoy a relaxing time.

Towards the end of the track, there’s a restaurant with a playground where you can unwind with your kids after an exciting drive.

Explore Fuerteventura with Segway

Do you like the idea of gliding around on two wheels? If you’re a skating fan, you may find this option appealing. Among all the fun things to do in Fuerteventura is taking a tour to see beautiful natural sights with a comfortable two-wheeler or segway.

It’s a creative way for visitors like you and your family to explore the Fuerteventura landscapes. These two-wheelers are easy and safe to drive. With a few instructions, you can quickly learn how to navigate the segway on smooth terrains to get a good glimpse of your environment.

The segways don’t emit any substance, so you won’t need to worry about polluting the beautiful environment. You can take rides with your family to tour different ends of Fuerteventura island, gliding through the island and enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Take a Dune Buggy Ride

Speaking of rides, there are a variety of rides you can explore at Fuerteventura. If you want an on-the-road view of Fuerteventura riding through its rough natural terrain, you can take an adventurous buggy ride with your family.

You can decide on the route you’d like to tour beforehand and rent a nice buggy for your family. Your kids can come with you on the ride to and experience Fuerteventura’s rugged terrain while getting a good glimpse of its beautiful natural landscape.

You can make videos, take pictures and fully immerse yourself at the moment to create an interesting, adventurous memory you can always look back on warmly.

Go for a Picnic at Playa del Castillo

Many families enjoy going to the beach during holidays as it’s a way to take a break from the everyday routine and have fun. During your time at the Fuerteventura, you can enjoy a beach moment with your family at the Playa del Castillo at the Caleta de Fuste Harbour.

It is a great location and a perfect spot for a beach picnic with your family. The environment is serene and relaxing, kids can go for a swim, and there are lounge chairs for adults to rest and observe the little ones play. If you get hungry for a snack, there are different restaurants and shops to purchase things from.

You can also have a family picnic together after swimming and playing in the shallow waters. If you’re also interested in fishing, you can come along with your gear and try to catch some fish.

Take Surfing Lessons

One of the fun things to do in Fuerteventura is take surfing lessons and try your skills out on the sea. You can choose any beach at Fuerteventura to take your lessons, but the Sotavento beach is quite famous for surfing.

This may be because it has a vast lagoon where the Fuerteventura annual Windsurfing Championship occurs. If you want to try a new activity with family members, especially if your kids are old enough, you can attempt surfing lessons.

Exploring a new activity while splashing on the ocean and watching other people have a good time can be an exhilarating experience for your family.

Fly a Kite

Fuerteventura is located on an island that can get windy in summer. A simple and exciting activity you can do with your family is flying a kite and seeing how far they can go. Kids will definitely enjoy this activity as it gives them the freedom to run around the island with the excitement of flying something high up in the sky.

This activity can keep your kids occupied for a few minutes to an hour. Fuerteventura also holds a kite festival every year at Dunas de Corralejo, so if you’re lucky to have your trip fall within the event’s date, you may want to check that out.

Experience a Fishing Adventure From Puerto de Corralejo

If you’re a family of sea-life lovers, what better way to enjoy your trip to Fuerteventura than taking a fishing trip through Puerto de Corralejo?

Get on a catamaran or fishing boat and sail through the beautiful wide sea for a good catch. You’ll enjoy the stunning view of the blue sea and give fishing your best shot. Ensure you follow the safety instructions while at sea and instruct your kids to do the same.

Different companies offer fishing tours at Fuerteventura, so make an excellent choice to increase your chances of getting a good catch. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro at fishing, a trip with a local fisherman is an adventure you don’t want to miss out on. If your kids can catch a fish, that’ll be an exciting memory they won’t stop yapping about.

Go for a Hike at Volcán Calderón Hondo

If you don’t mind getting involved in physical activity while at Fuerteventura, you may consider hiking. You can hike in Volcán Calderón Hondo with your family and enjoy the beautiful sights.

The volcano has a height of 278 metres and a depth of 70 metres. If you decide to hike with your kids, take the shortest path so you can get to the top of the volcano in less than an hour. Once you reach the top, you get a great view of the amazing island.

In addition to getting a full glimpse of the island, hiking is a healthy physical activity to attempt with your family.

Visit Craft Workshops in Lajares

Creating art is an activity you can enjoy with your family at Fuerteventura. You can visit a craft workshop at Lajares and display your art skills.

Kids can explore their artistic abilities using clay to mould any object they like. Making art is a great way to bond with family and encourage kids to explore their artistic abilities.

Explore Ajuy Caves

The things to do in Fuerteventura with your family include seeing the Ajuy caves. The Ajuy caves are a natural monument located at Betancuria Park, and they are a spectacularly natural sight to explore in  Fuerteventura. You can move around the caves with your family and observe the astonishing wonders of nature.

The caves take up 32 hectares of land, allowing ample space to move around and explore these beautifully formed stones. The scenery may give you the feeling of being in a movie as the sight is not something you’d come across every day, especially with the heavy urbanisation of the Western world.

You begin your trip to the caves by first reaching the village and proceeding to the beach, which is just 500 metres away from the beautiful caves.


There are many exciting things to do in Fuerteventura, from sightseeing and swimming to going on rides on land or water.

If you wish to have a unique and adventurous holiday experience with your family, then a trip to Fuerteventura will tick all your boxes.

It will allow you all to bond with one another while experiencing new excitements, sights, and activities. It’s a holiday you’ll keep talking about for months, don’t take my word for it; go experience it yourself