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The Most Popular Christmas Baby Names Revealed

According to the Office of National Statistics in the UK, expectant mums have a nice selection of Christmas baby names to choose from this year. And whether you have a little one to welcome in the holidays or not, this year’s list of Christmas-themed baby names is worth checking out.

Top 3 Christmas Baby Boys Names…

Jack means “God is gracious,” and thanks to Jack Frost, it also conveys a Christmas feel.

Theodore came in second place, with 2737 new boys receiving the name in 2020.

Last year’s Christmas mums easily adopted Theodore, because it means “God’s gift.” The name was so good that 20+ saints carried this name too.

Joseph ranked third on the list. 1437 babies were christened with this name last year. Evidently, a good deal of mums wanted to associate their little boys with Jesus’ father.

This is the full top 10 list of Christmas boy baby names:

  • Jack
  • Theodore
  • Joseph
  • David
  • Gabriel
  • Jesse
  • Michael
  • Felix
  • Jasper
  • Alfred

Top 3 Christmas Baby Girls Names…

Ivy was the baby girl’s name that grabbed most of the attention last year. A total of 2166 newborn girls were named Ivy in 2020.

Grace was the second most popular Christmas themed name for girls. As simple as it sounds, Grace got named to 2010 newborn girls last year.

This simple and elegant name means goodness, kindness, charm, eloquence, and favour.

Third in the rankings is Evie, a Latin variation of Eve that means “life” or “breath”. Christmas Eve is something we all look forward to, so Evie would make a lovely name for your baby girl.

There were 1793 girls with this name last year.

Here is the full list of the top 10 Christmas baby girl names:

  • Ivy
  • Grace
  • Evie
  • Bella
  • Lucy
  • Maria
  • Robyn
  • Holly
  • Maryam
  • Clara

When naming a baby, there are many aspects to consider. Fortunately, you have a list of popular Christmas baby names– with all aspects factored in– to choose from. And here is the best part– you can be certain that it will still look good on your child even when they grow up.