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Charming Middle Names for Tobias

Middle names are essential for the identification of every person. Certain factors attribute to choosing a middle name. Some parents give their kids middle names that honour a particular family member or their heritage. Other people consider middle names that rhyme with the first name or is meaningful to them. To some, they keep their maiden names alive by giving their kids those names as middle names.

Whatever might drive you to pick a specific middle name, be keen and sure it’s what you want. Tobias is a beautiful name that might pair with different names. The following list consists of some of them;

1. William

This popular and elegant name dated approximately 1000 years ago. It has its roots in German and was introduced to English by the famous ‘William the Conqueror’. William means;

• Resolute protector

• Strong-willed warrior

Biblically, the name means “determined protector”.

2. George

George is a gorgeous name developed from the Greek word ‘Georgios’. It means;

• One who works the earth

• A farmer

3. David

It’s a common name with most Christians. The early Hebrews derived it from the word ‘Dawid’, meaning “beloved”.

4. Aiden

This charming name originated from Ireland. The Irish formed it from their Celtic god mythology. The god was named ‘Aodh’, in charge of fire and sun. Aiden means “little fire”. From a biblical perspective, the name implies;

• Attractive

• Handsome

• Pleasure given

5. John

It’s a common biblical name that emerged from the Hebrews. The spelling is in English. In Hebrew, you spell John as ‘Yohanan’ and ‘Johannes’ in Latin. It means;

1. Graced by God

2. Jehovah has shown favour

3. Jehovah has been gracious

6. Nathaniel

It’s a classy name with its roots in Greek. Biblically, the name honours a minor prophet. Nathaniel means;

• Given by God

• God has given

• Gift of God

7. Frederick

With its origin in German, this elegant name sounds peaceful. No wonder its name means “peaceful ruler”. The Germans formed it from the word ‘Friedrich’.

8. Henry

It’s a popular and charming French name given to boys in most parts of the world. The name originated from Germany. The early name givers crafted it from the word ‘Heimeric’, meaning “house ruler”. Biblically, Henry means;

• Lord

• Associated with lucky number ‘7’.

9. Peter

With Greek origin, this name is adorable. Most parents worldwide love it. Peter means;

• Rock

• Stone

10. Oliver

What a calm and peaceful name! The Romans formed it from the Latin word ‘olivarius’, meaning “olive tree planter”. In Old Norse, Oliver means “ancestor’s descendants”.

11. Gabriel

Ancient Hebrews combined the names ‘gever’ and ‘el’ to form this angelic name. The words mean ‘strong man’ or ‘hero’ and ‘God’, respectively. Biblically, the name connects to Angel Gabriel. It means;

• God is my strength

• God is my strong man

12. Elliot

This dazzling name has its origin from various places. The most renowned origin is Hebrew, and it means;

• With strength and right

• Bravely and truly

• Boldly and rightly

• The Lord is my God


It doesn’t matter what reason drives you to look for a middle name for Tobias. You will always find an ideal word to pair with it. The above names are only a few. You can pick what suits you from the above list.