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10 Beautiful Middle Names for Soraya

A middle name is a name given to a person as a second name. It comes in between the first name and surname. Choosing a middle name is not complex because you select a word with a relevant meaning and a touch of love. You also need to consider the first and surname so that they can all blend well.

Some parents still struggle to get a perfect middle name for their children despite considering the above factors. If your child’s first name is Soraya, here are some words you can use as a first name;

1. Elise

It’s an adorable name with its roots in Hebrew. Elise came from the French word ‘Elizabeth’. It means;

• My God is an oath

• My God is abundance

2. Rose

This tiny beautiful word is an all-time classic. The name emerged from Old English, meaning “little rose”. From the biblical perspective, the Virgin Mary is the source of this charming name. It means “beautiful rose”.

3. Louise

It’s a smooth and pretty name from Germany. Louise means “renowned in battle”. Biblically, the word means;

• Famous warrior

• An associate of lucky number ‘9.’

4. Joy

What a charming, classy name! It’s short and sweet with its roots in Latin and French. Joy means;

• Happiness

• Joy

• Rejoicing

5. Faith

It’s a lovely popular name among Christians around the world. Faith means;

• Belief

• Faith

• May God reign

• Devoted to God

• Trust

This great name will always fill your child with lots of hope.

6. Faye

This angelic, cute name emerged from Middle English. It means “fairy”. Biblically, this gorgeous name came from the French word for “belief” or “loyalty”.

7. Kelsey

The origin of this soft, lovely name is English. The British crafted it from the word ‘Ceolsige”, meaning “ship’s victory” or “Cenel’s Island”. The Bible perspective connects this adorable name with the lucky number ‘5’.

8. Kate

Anyone can pronounce this short and sweet name. It is a short form of ‘Katherine’, created from the Greek word ‘Katharos’. It means;

• Pure

• Clear

9. Casey

With its origin from Ireland, this elegant name means ”vigilant in war”. Most parents love it because it’s not only cute but also gender-neutral.

10. Jessie

This ancient classic never fades away. Its roots are in Hebrew, meaning;

• He sees

• God has been gracious


Middle names for Soraya are many. You only need to ensure it contains some meaning and some playful touch. If you are still not sure what middle name to give your child, the above list will be helpful.