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Beautiful Middle Names for Ophelia

While searching for a suitable middle name for your child, you may question its importance. A middle name may help you reinvent yourself later. It is also an excellent way of continuing relationships, preserving culture, and keeping your family name. Whichever the case, it is a hard nut to crack for most parents to get a suitable middle name for Ophelia.

If you are one of them, you can pair Ophelia with this helpful list;

1. Mary

Mary is an old-time classic popular with many Christians. It originated from the Hebrews. From a biblical point of view, the name associates with the ‘Virgin Mary’. The word may mean;

• Wished for child

• Bitter

• Rebellion

• Sea of bitterness

• Rebellious

• Beloved

• A drop of the sea

2. Jane

This is a common, cute name that dates centuries ago. Its source is English, and its popularity reached its peak in the 16th C. Jane is a gorgeous, short name with the following meanings;

• God is gracious

• Yahweh is merciful

• Gift from God

• Jehovah has been gracious

• Yahweh is gracious

3. Elizabeth

What a timeless, classic name for baby girls! Its source is Hebrew, from ‘shava’, meaning oath, and ‘el’, meaning ‘God’. Therefore, Elizabeth means;

• God is my oath

• God is my abundance

• My God is bountiful

• Consecrated to God

4. Gertrude

The origin of this old-time classic is in Germany. It’s a delightful name that means;

• Strength

• Spear

• Strong spear

5. Violet

This charming originated centuries ago from Latin. It is an excellent choice for people who love nature. The term means;

• Purple

• Grace

• Power of nature

• Beauty

6. Posy

Posy is a ‘little’ sweet name that sounds soft and inviting. It has a touch of vintage whimsy and floral overtones. Posy originated in English, meaning;

• A bunch of flowers

• Small flower arrangement

7. Poppy

It is a unique, fun name with a lot of grit. Poppy has its roots in Latin and means;

• Red flower

• The milk of happiness

8. Rose

The English derived this charming short name from ‘Rosa’, meaning “little rose”. Biblically, the term connects to the Virgin Mary, meaning “beautiful rose”.

9. Grace

The Romans used the phrase ‘God’s Grace’ as the source of this timeless classic name. The term means;

• Generosity

• Goodness

• Charm

It also means “my God is an oath” in Hebrew.

10. Faith

It’s a beautiful, divine Hebrew name that means;

• May God reign

• Faith

• Belief

• God is with us

11. Eve

Eve is a short, lively name of Hebrew origin. It means;

• Life

• Living one

• Source of life

• Mother of life

12. Alice

With its origin in Old German, this name is comely and lovely. The Germans crafted it from the word ‘Adalhaidis’, meaning;

• Noble

• Kind

• Associated with lucky number’ 3′.


If you have been searching for a middle name for ‘Ophelia’, don’t give up. If you find it hard to pick an ideal middle name, use the above list as your starting point. The good news is that there exist so many words you can pair with Ophelia. The list above is a tiny fraction of them.