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Beautiful Middle Names for Olive

There are a plethora of middle names that could be chosen for Olive. To help you decide we made a list of names which pair perfectly with ‘Olive’ from simple and traditional to short and sweet.

Florence – The girl name Florence was popular in the 1800-the 1900s and is of Latin origin.

Violet – The name is of Latin origin, meaning ‘purple’. It evokes the beauty and power of nature.

Catherine – is of Greek provenance, which means ‘pure’. It is pretty old-fashioned and one of the oldest girl names.

Lucy – This name is ranked 49th when it comes to popularity. It symbolises ‘light’ or ‘shine’ and is of both English and Latin origin.

Sophie – The girl’s name means ‘wisdom’. It is of both Greek and French origin. It comes originally as a variation from the name ‘Sophia’. Sophie could have different meanings depending on the cultures and languages of people.

Pearl – is a Latin name which name signifies beauty and rarity.

Jane – is of English descent, which means ‘God is Gracious.

Alice – When it comes to popularity, the name is ranked 76th. It is of German origin and means ‘Noble’.

May – May is derived from the Latin Maius (Maia), which according to Greek mythology, is the goddess of increase.

Grace – The correct and modern pronunciation is ‘Grayce’. The name symbolises favour and blessing and is of Latin provenance. It has a similar meaning as Anna and Hannah.

Daisy – The name is among the flower names. It is of English origin and sets the girl to be wholesome, energetic, and fresh, just like the flower. It means ‘days’ eye’.

Mary – The name is of Hebrew descent and means a drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved. It is the English form of Maria.