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49 Beautiful Middle Names for Matilda

Congratulations! you’ve decided to name your bundle of joy Matilda!. Now you need to find the perfect middle name! here are several middle names and their meanings which go perfect with Matilda…

Ruth – if you are a Christian, Ruth would most definitely impress you, adopted from the old testament. She was a heroine of her century. The name Ruth means a friend.

Blair – Blair originates from the Scottish Gaelic that is derived from a place called Blair. The name is used to represent something plain, meadow, or a field. Blair can also be used to imply a battlefield which means a strong soul.

Joy – Joy is a name that is mainly used to refer to happiness or joy. It is a great name which holds a lot of cheerful mood with it.

June – June comes from the ancient Roman goddess Juno who was believed to protect pregnant mothers and was a powerful influencer. The name refers to bright and sunny days hence holding the meaning young.

Kate – Kate is a short form of Katherine which originates from the Greek Katharos. It means pure. Kate is an easy word to pronounce and gives away warm and sweet vibes as the personality.

Sage – Sage is used chiefly as a family name; hence it is unisex. It is a classic name that means a prophet or a herb.

Anne – The name Anne originates from Hebrew, which means the favoured one by God.

Bea – Bea is a short form for the name Beatrice which means the bringer of joy or pilgrim.

Belle – The name Belle originates from French, which means beautiful.

Beth – Beth originates from Hebrew and is also found in the bible. It means the house.

Blake – The name Blake is believed to have a funny origin; it was given to those considered to have hair or skin that was extremely light or dark. Blake means black, pale, or white.

Blythe – Blythe is one of the ancient names in the English origin that means carefree, cheerful, or happy.

Brooke – Brooke is a rich name that has two origins, from the old English and the old German. It means a small stream of water that is considered to be gentle.

Bryn – This is one of the rare welsh origin names that mean amount or a hill.

Claire – Claire originates from the French and Latin, which means light-colored, transparent, or bright.

Dot – Dot is derived from Dorothy, which has its origin in Greek. Dot means the gift of God. It is a great middle name for one who wishes to have a Christian name from the bible.

Dove – Dove is a bird associated with peace, according to the bible. The name represents the existence of peace, the holy spirit, and God’s covenant with Noah.

Edith – The name Edith originates from the old English word ead. Edith means blessed, prosperity or riches.

Elise – Elise means God’s promise.

Enid – Enid originates from the middle welsh eneit, which means spirit, soul, or a life.

Faith – Faith originates from English, meaning devotion or complete trust.

Faye – Faye originates from the old French, which means loyalty. It can also mean fairy.

Fern – Fern refers to a plant that loves the shade.

Fleur – The name originates from France, meaning a flower.

Frances – Frances means from France.

Grace – Grace originates from Latin, meaning goodness, charm, and generosity. It is also associated with beauty and joy.

Gwen – The name Gwen means blessed or joy.

Jade – It is derived from gemstone, meaning stone of the colic.

Jane – Jane is derived from an old French name Jehanne meaning God is gracious.

Jean – The name jean means God is gracious, which originates from Hebrew.

Jill – Jill is a short form of the word Gillian which means a child of God.

Joan – Joan means God is gracious.

Louise – Louise originates from the old German, which means a famous warrior.

Lynn – Lynn means a water body such as a lake or waterfall.

Mae – Mae refers to the goddess of spring growth.

Maeve – Maeve is an Irish name meaning inebriating.

Nell – Nell is a fancy name used to refer to the shining light.

Opal – Opal is derived from a gemstone meaning a jewel.

Paige – Paige means an assistant or a helper.

Pearl – Pearl is a Latin name meaning precious.

Quinn – The name Quinn originates from Irish, meaning descendant of conn.

Rae – It is derived from Rachel, meaning a female sheep or a ewe.

Rain – Rain means plentiful blessings from God.

Skye – Skye means the clouds or something up high in the sky.

Sloan – The name Sloan means a warrior.

Sue – Sue refers to a flower lily.

Tori – Tori is adopted from the Japanese, meaning a bird.

Wren – Wren is a songbird that is usually small and brown.

 Zoe – Zoe originates from Greek, referring to life.