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Elegant Middle Names for Kelly

According to the Old Irish, Kelly is an adorable name meaning ‘warrior’ or descendant of Ceallach’. What’s impressive about this name is that it suits both genders.

Like other names, Kelly can rhyme with so many middle words. Unfortunately, getting the right centre name for Kelly is like a hard nut to crack for some people.

If you are looking for an ideal centre name to give your little bundle of joy, you are in the right place. Check out the following terms you can use as a middle name for Kelly.

1. Christina

This cute name would complement easily with Kelly. It’s a famous ancient name from Greek. Most Christians prefer using it because of its meaning.

It means;

• A Christian

• Anointed

• Follower of Christ

Christina is a feminine name.

2. Elizabeth

It’s another traditional charming name given to females. Biblically, Elizabeth emerged from Hebrew in the Old Testament. It means ‘God is my oath’. Other meanings include;

• God is bountiful

• God of plenty

• God is satisfaction

3. Joanna

This lovely name fits as a middle name for Kelly because the combination does not repeat the sound. Both words flow excellently.

The Greeks were the masterminds of this beautiful name. It’s a name given to females and means ‘God is gracious’.

Biblically, Joanna means;

• Gift of the Lord

• Grace

4. Mae

Like with other baby names, Mae is an excellent catch for Kelly’s centre name. This short name adds a sweet vibe to a name. Its roots are in Rome and Britain. In Hebrew, Mae means ‘woman from Magdala’.

Other meanings include;

• Warmth

• Goddess of springtime

• Increase

• Bitter

• Pearl

5. Anne

Though Anne may be a common name, it sounds friendly with Kelly. Alternatively, you can spell it without the last ‘e’. This pretty, old name dates centuries ago in Hebrew. The name givers formed it from ‘Hannah’, meaning ‘grace’ or ‘favour’.

In Germanic, Anne means ‘eagle’.

6. Florence

Florence is a traditional name with its roots in Rome. Because Kelly is a modern name, the combination would bring in an ancient and contemporary feel. Having been made from ‘florens’, a Latin word, this gorgeous name means;

• Flourishing

• Blossoming

• Prosperous

In the biblical version, Anne means ‘flowering’.

7. Vanessa

This elegant name emerged centuries ago in Greek. It’s associated with various Greek mythologies such as ‘Phanessa’, a goddess who got fascinated by butterflies.

In Latin, Vanessa means ‘the god of love’ or ‘of Venus’. Since its use, people allocate it to females.

8. Brianna

This sweet name originated from Ireland. It’s not a very old name, making it ideal for a newly born. Brianna bears many meanings such as;

• Strong

• Resolute

• Honourable

• Virtuous

• Hill

• High

• Exalted one

9. Jane

This divine word started in English many years ago. It means ‘God is gracious’. The early name givers crafted it from the Hebrew word ‘Yochanan’, meaning ‘Yahweh is merciful’. It gets popularly used on girls.


Kelly can rhyme with so many words as middle names, as demonstrated above. The above examples are only a few of the many available. Feel free to pick any that pleases you.