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19 Beautiful Middle Names for Joy

The name ‘Joy’ could be old-fashioned but very charming, adorable, and timeless. Its origin is in Hebrew, meaning “gladness”, “happiness”, or “joy”. This lovely name also means “my father is joyful”. It explains why many people around the world love this name.

But finding the right middle name for ‘Joy’ seems like an uphill task for many parents. If you are for middles names to pair with Joy, the following name suggestions will help you out;

1. Susannah

This great name means “lily”. The spelling is in English, but its origin is in Hebrew. The early name givers derived it from the word ‘Shoshana’. It has many variants like Susan, Susie, and Susana.

2. Penelope

Probably you’re hearing this cute name for the first time as it’s not common. But it’s an elegant name with its roots in Greek. The Greeks crafted it from their mythology dubbed ‘Odusseus’ faithful wife’. The name means;

• Resembling a beautiful duck

• Weaver

3. Fiona

Fiona is a charming name with its roots in Scotland. It means;

• White

• Fair

From a biblical point of view, Fiona means a “fair woman”.

4. Annabel

This smooth, exquisite name originated from England. The English people formed it from the Latin word ‘Anna’.

In Hebrew, it means “grace”.

The French crafted it from the word ‘belle’. It means “beauty”. Annabel also means “favoured grace”.

5. Ophelia

What a superb choice! The belief is that this delightful name originated from Ancient Greek. It means;

• Aid

• Benefit

If you love Shakespeare’s plays, you have probably come across it in the “Hamlet” story. Biblically, the name means;

• Who assists

• Who helps

6. Annora

This enthralling and noble name has its roots in Latin. It’s a terrific name that means “honour”. In Hebrew, the name means “Grace”.

7. Soraya

It’s an exotic name formed in Persia and passed on to the Western world. Its original meaning is “jewel”. In Arabic, the name means “good queen”. Biblically, the word means “princess”.

8. Alexandra

The Greeks came up with this name from the word ‘alexein’. It has various meanings as follows;

• To ward off

• Keep off

• Turn away

• Defend

• Protect

• Man

It is also a favourite name with the royals; the queen’s middle name is Alexandra.

9. Evangeline

This enticing name has its roots in Greek. It’s such an old romantic name popular with most parents. It means;

• Bearer of good news

• Gospel.

The word also means “good” and “tidings” in Greek and Angelma, respectively.

10. Kathleen

This famous name dates centuries ago in Greek. You can also use Catherine as an alternative, or its variant “Katherine”.

11. Elizabeth

The Bible’s Old Testament is the origin of this alluring name. It means;

• God is my oath

• Pledged to God

• My God is abundance

12. Rebecca

What a beautiful name that means “beauty”! It’s a favourite with Christians; no wonder it originated from the Hebrews. The ancient name givers derived this word from ’Rebecca’, one of the Bible’s important women. Rebecca means;

• To bid

• To snare

• To tie firmly

• Beautifully ensnaring

13. Madeline

Madeline sounds calm and cool, originating from English and Greek. Its English version is ‘Magdalen’. It means “high tower”. Biblically, the name means “woman from Magdala”.

14. Christina

Christina is a pretty and classic name used widely by Christians. The term originated from ancient Greek meaning;

• Anointed

• Follower of Christ

15. Viviane

It’s a charming popular name with its roots in Latin. It has various variations like Vivian, Vivianne, and Vivienne. The name means;

• Alive

• Lively

16. Bethany

Bethany inviting and elegant nature has won the hearts of many parents. The name originated from Hebrew or Aramaic. It means;

• House of figs

• House of affliction

Biblically, the name comes from a town close to Jerusalem named ‘Bethany’.

17. Josephine

This beauteous common name got formed by the Ancient Hebrews. It means;

• He shall increase

• Jehovah increases

• Jehovah shall grow

18. Sophia

Sophia is a classic, sweet name that originated from Greek. It means “wisdom”. Biblically, the name means “wisdom of God”.

19. Serena

Serena is a refreshing name that means;

• Serene

• Tranquil

• Serene

Its roots are Latin, from ‘seremus’, meaning “calm” and ‘serene”.


The list of words to pair with ‘Joy’ is endless. The above names are only a few of them. Please go through them and pick what fascinates you and suits your kid.