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30 Beautiful Middle Names for Joan

The simplicity and strength of the name ‘Joan’ win the hearts of many parents. That’s why Joan is a popular name worldwide. Unfortunately, many people have no clue what name to pair it with.

Because Joan means “God is gracious” according to its Hebrew origin, there are plenty of words you can use as its middle name. They include the following;

1. Sylvia

This pretty name originated from Latin. People in ancient Latin derived it from their forest word ‘Silva’. That’s why the name means “spirit of wood”. From a Christian perspective, the name means “lumber”.

2. Maria

This name is famous around the world. It has its roots in Latin and means;

• Of the sea

• Bitter

• Beloved

• Rebellious

Biblically, the name is a variation of the mother of Jesus, ‘Mary’. In Hebrew, the word means;

• Wished for child

• Rebellion

• Bitter

3. Cassidy

Americans are fond of this cute name. It emerged from Ireland and means;

• Clever

• Curly haired

The Irish developed it from the name ‘Caiside’. Biblically, the word means;

• She who entangles men

• Attached to lucky number’ 8′.

4. Lillian

What an elegant name! It has its roots in Latin. Name givers in ancient Latin formed their word meaning “lily” or a “flower”. In Hebrew, Lillian means “My God is a vow”.

5. Eve

Eve is a short and classy name that originated with the ancient Hebrews. They formed it from the word ‘Eva’. The name means;

• Breath

• To live

• Life Living

6. Elizabeth

Most Christians adore this enthralling name. It developed from ancient Hebrews. They crafted it from ‘shave’ and ‘el’, which means “oath” and “God”, respectively. Therefore, Elizabeth means “God is my oath”.

7. Catherine

This stunning name is associated with saints acknowledged by the ancient Hebrews. The word came into life after being created from the Greek word ‘Aikaterina’, also spelt as ‘Katharina’ in Latin. Biblically, the name means;

• Clear

• Pure

8. Matilda

It’s a famous cute name with its roots in Germany. The spelling is in English, but you can also spell it as ‘Mathilda’ or ‘Mathilde’. It means “strength in battle”.

9. Beatrice

This beautiful name originated from Latin. It means;

• She who brings happiness

• Blessed

• Happy

10. Clara

This appealing name with Latin origins means;

• Clear

• Bright

• Famous

You can also spell it as ‘Klara’. Its English form is ‘Clare’.

Clara’s popularity increased in the 19th Century.

11. Florence

Most people love this lovely name that originated from Latin. This famous name means;

• Flourishing

• Prosperous

• Blossoming

• To flower

The French created it from ‘Saint Florentia’, a Roman martyr.

12. Frances

This adorable name dates centuries ago in Rome. Its spelling is in English, and it means;

• From France

• Free one

13. Harriet

It’s an inviting name of German origin. It means “home-ruler”. In English, the name means “rules the home”. Biblically, Harriet means “with a life path 7”. For example, 7, 25/7, 44/7 etc. In the Bible, Harriet gets mentioned 735 times.

14. Henrietta

Henrietta is a captivating French name that originated from Germany. It means the “ruler of the household”. In French, the name means “keeper of the hearth”.

15. Wilhelmina

It’s a unique, gorgeous name with its roots in Germany. In Dutch and German, you spell it as ‘Wilhelm’ and ‘William’. Other forms of this name are;

• Wilhelmine

• Wilhelmowa

• Wilhelmena

• Wilhemina

The name means;

• Will helmet

• Willing to protect

• Resolute protection

16. Bernadette

This fascinating name appeared from medieval Europe. Its spelling is French and means “brave bear”. Bernadette was popular in the 1940s but is still famous with most people currently.

17. Margaret

It’s a dazzling name that evolved from the Hebrews. They formed it from their word ‘margaron’, meaning “pearl”. In the Old French, the term became ‘Marguetite’. The spelling of Margaret is in English.

18. Louisa

Louisa has its roots in Germany. Its spelling is French, meaning “famous warrior”. Other meanings from ‘Louise’, its variation name are;

• Fame

• Loud

• Fighter

• Warrior

19. Felicity

This enticing name dates back to the ancient Roman Empire. The Romans derived it from the word ‘felicitas’, meaning;

• Luck

• Good fortune

Felicity spelling is in English, and it means “happiness”.

20. Reverie

Reverie is an adorable name not familiar to many people. It originated from England and means;

• A daydream

• A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts

21. Ellis

Most parents love this name because it’s divine and gender-neutral. It is of English and Welsh origin. Name givers derived it from ‘Elijah’, the Hebrew form, or ‘Elias’, Greek. Ellis means “The Lord is my God”.

22. Estelle

It’s not a name you will hear with many people, but it’s gorgeous. Estelle has its roots in Greece. The spelling is Occitan, meaning “star”. Biblically, the name comes from Esther. In Islam, it means “beloved” and “time” in Hindu.

23. Celeste

This pretty and soft name emerged from Latin. The spelling is in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. It got made from the word ‘celestial’, meaning “heavenly”.

24. Marigold

Anyone will fall for this comely name that comes with a quirky, sunny, and sweet feel. It originated from Ancient England.

Marigold means “golden flower”. It’s a common name in the old English novels.

25. Vivienne

It’s a classy name that emerged from France. The French-derived it from the Latin word ‘vivus’, meaning “alive”.

26. Simone

This adorable name with a European origin means;

• He has heard

• God has heard

Other variations of its name are;

• Simon

• Simeon

• Simona

Biblically, the word emerged from ‘shama’, which means “to hear”.

27. Athena

The name has a Greek origin based on their ‘war and wisdom’ goddess. She was Zeus’ favourite and means “praise”.

28. Susannah

You will find many people with this good name. Having originated from the Hebrews, Susannah means “lily”. Biblically, it means;

• Rose

• Joy

29. Velma

Speculations have it that this gorgeous name’s inspiration was from the pronunciation of ‘Wilma’ in German. It means “determined protector”.

30. Cassandra

Its roots are in Greek and means;

• Shinning man

• Excelling man

Biblically, this charming name means “she who entangles men”.


Adorable words to use as a middle name for Joan are endless, as illustrated above. The above list is just a few of them. Please go through them and choose what entices you for your adorable little bundle of joy.