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The Best Middle Names for Jemima

Jemima is a gorgeous girl’s name, but most parents find it difficult to pair it with a middle name. In this guide, you will learn various names you can combine Jemima with to get your little bundle of joy’s full names.

Middle Names for Jemima include but are not limited to;

1. Florence

Florence originated in Latin, and it means flowering or prosperous. It’s dubbed as a posh name and presumed that most girls given this name are usually good tan and have long blonde hair. Biblically, Florence is a version of Saint Florentia, who was a Roman martyr.

2. Violet

The name means “purple” and has its roots in Latin. Currently, this beautiful girls’ name is famous around the world. Its Scandinavian and Italian version is “Viola.” You can use the phrase “Violettta” to make it more operatic or frillier.

3. Catherine

Its Italian form is “Katharina,” and the Greek version is “Aikaterina.” This adorable female name means clear or pure. Various saints were behind its formation, including St Catherine of Alexandria.

The name Catherine is perceived to cause spirituality, curiosity, and elegance. It has many nicknames such as Kate, Cath, Catie, Kat, and Cate.

4. Olive

The name has its root in English, and it means “olive tree.” Olive branches symbolize peace. Traditionally, olive wreaths celebrated success. It is the reason Olive is associated with success and peace. In the famous Little Miss Sunshine movie, the lovely peaceful character played by Abigail Breslin was Olive.

In the Bible, the dove brought an Olive branch to Noah to symbolize all is well.

5. Lucy

The Latin masculine name, Lucious, was behind the formation of this appealing girls’ name. Its spelling is French and English. Lucy means “as of light.” The kind of light doesn’t matter; it could be born during the day or at dawn, or light complexion or shiny.

You could also spell Lucy as;

• Lucia

• Luci

• Lucie

• Luce

6. Sophie

Sophie is a version of the name “Sophia,” and it means “wisdom.” The term originated from Greek. Popular nicknames for Sophie are;

• Sophy

• Sophey

• Sofy,

• Sofie

• Sofia

Sophie is a popular name in Australia and United States.

7. Pearl

It’s an alluring feminine name with its roots in English land. Pearl is a fashionable and precious gemstone, giving rise to the name’s meaning of “the finest of its kind.” Spiritually, pearls symbolizes gained wisdom.

The name pearl also represents protection. The belief usually is that you get protected when you wear a pearl.


Female names to pair with Jemima are many, as illustrated above. The names discussed above are only a few from the list. You can choose any name you like or suits your baby girl.