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65 Middle Names for Isaac

So you’ve settled on Isaac as your baby’s first name but want to give him or her a second one.

However, after a few days you might be stumped, struggling and out of your wits picking a second name. If this is the case, then here are great middle names for Isaac:

Adam – The first man God created. The name, in Hebrew, means ‘son of earth’.

Alexander – Means ‘defender of men’.

Anthony – Comes from Roman origins Antonius and means ‘highly praiseworthy’.

Alfie – Is short for Old English Aelfraed or ‘wise’.

Archie – Has its roots in Scotland and England. Means ‘brave’ or ‘bold’.

Arlo – Means ‘fortified hill’ in Anglo-Saxon terms.

Arthur – In Welsh, Celtic and Gaelic, Arthur means ‘bear’.

Benjamin – ‘Son of the right hand’ in Hebrew.

Blake – A variation of Old English ‘Black’, means ‘dark haired’.

Bryn – Means ‘hill’ in Welsh.

Charles – Originates from Carl or Karl. In French, the name means ‘free man’.

Charlie – An offshoot of Charlotte and Charles. Means ‘free man’.

Christopher – Based on the Greek word Christoforos, which means ‘bearer of Christ’.

Connor – Of Irish origins, it means ‘lover of hounds’.

Damien – Derived from Damianos, a Greek word that means ‘overcome’ or ‘to master’.

Daniel – Means ‘God is my judge’ in Hebrew.

David – Means ‘beloved’ and is steeped in Hebrew origins.

Dylan – Means ‘son of the sea’ in Welsh.

Edward – An English name that means ‘prosperous’ and ‘guardian’.

Elliott – Means ‘the Lord is my God’.

Freddie – A derivative of Frederick, which means ‘peace’ and ‘ruler’.

Fredrick – An offshoot of Frederick in English and German terms.

Harry – An old version of Henry, which means ‘home’ and ‘ruler’.

Harvey – Related to the word Haarnbiu, or ‘blazing iron’.

Henry – A popular French boys’ name, Henry means ‘house ruler’.

Hudson – Means ‘son of Hugh’.

Hugo – A masculine name that means ‘mind’.

George – Comes from Greek origins and means ‘earthworker’.

Gideon – In Hebrew terms, the name Gideon means ‘one who cuts down’.

Jacob – Has its roots in the Old Testament and means ‘supplanter’.

Jake – Similar to Jacob, Jake equates to the words ‘holder of the heel’.

James – Originates from Jacob and means ‘supplanter’.

Jason – Means ‘healer’ in Greek.

John – A biblical name that means ‘graced by God’.

Jonah – Means ‘pigeon’ or ‘dove’.

Jordan – Has both Hebrew and Greek origins and means ‘to descend’.

Joseph – A biblical name that means ‘he will add’.

Joshua – Comes from ‘Yehoshua’ and means ‘God is deliverance’.

Kieran – Of Irish origins and means ‘black-haired’.

Lewis – Comes from Ludwig, which means ‘famous warrior’.

Liam – Means ‘protector in Irish.

Lincoln – In Old English, the name means ‘pool colony’.

Logan – Of Scottish origins, meaning ‘little hollow’.

Lucius – Means ‘to shine’ in Latin.

Mason – Comes from the old French word ‘masson’ and means ‘stone worker’.

Matthew – Means ‘gift of God’.

Maximillian – Derived from Roman origins, Maximilianus means ‘the greatest’.

Michael – In Hebrew, it means ‘gift from God’.

Miles – Means ‘servant’ or ‘soldier’.

Nathan – A Hebrew name that means ‘He gave’.

Peter – Comes from Greek Petros, or ‘rock’.

Rafferty – Means ‘prosperity’ and ‘abundance’.

Ralph – An English word that combines Radulf, or ‘advice’ and ‘wolf’.

Robert – Means ‘bright fame’ in German.

Reece – Can be a boy or girl’s name and means ‘enthusiasm’.

Samuel – Means ‘God has heard’.

Sebastian – In Latin, Sebastian means ‘revered’.

Seth – The name Seth means ‘appointed’.

Sonny – A derivative of the word ‘Son’ and means ‘glorious’.

Stanley – Comes from two words- stone and lah, which means ‘wood clearing’.

Theodore – Means ‘gift of God’ in Greek.

Thomas – A Hebrew term that means ‘twin’.

Troy – Means ‘foot soldier’ in Irish terms.

Vincent – Means ‘to conquer’.

William – Of Old German origins and means ‘strong-willed warrior’.