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45 Beautiful Middle Names for Holly

The name Holly is a common girls name that means “the holly tree.” It’s the perfect choice for your child if you love nature-like names. Now it’s time to choose a middle name! Here’s 45 middle names which go perfectly with Holly…

Anne: Hebrew name to mean “God has favoured us.” Variation of the name is Anna and Hannah

Angela: Latin name to mean angel or messenger of God

Beth: derived from the Hebrew name Elisabeth or Elisheba, meaning either “oath of God” or “God is satisfaction”

Corrine: Greek name to mean “maiden” or “spear.”

Corina: variation of the name Corrine

Charlotte: French name to mean “free.”

Daniella: Italian feminine version of Daniel to mean “God is my judge.”

Dara: Hebrew name to mean “nugget of wisdom” Gaelic version of the name means “oak tree.”

Emilia: Latin named to mean “to rival” or “to excel.”

Elise: Latin name to mean “God’s promise.”

Elaine: Greek name to mean “shining light” or “sun rays.”

Elisabeth: Hebrew name you mean “God is my oath.”

Farah: Arabic, Irish name to mean “joy” or “gladness.”

Greta: German name meaning “pearl.”

Gwen: Welsh name meaning “fair, blessed, or holy.”

Jane: Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”

Jeanne: French variation of Jane

June: The name means young

Juniper: Latin variation of June

Joanna: Latin name meaning “God is gracious.”

Kate: Greek name short-form version of Katherine to mean “pure.”

Louise: German name to mean “famous warrior.”

Leonore: Greek name to mean “sunray.”

Margot: means “pearl” in Greek it’s the name, Margaret, while French has it as Margo

Michelle: French name to mean “resembles God.”

Marie: French name meaning “star of the sea.”

Maud: German name meaning “powerful battler.”

Neil: Irish name, often masculine, to mean “champion or passionate.”

Nola: Irish name meaning “fair shoulder.”

Nora: English name to mean “honourable one.”

Octavia: Latin name meaning “eighth.”

Ophelia: Greek name meaning “help.”

Piper: Romanian name meaning “pipe or flute player.”

Pearl: the name means smooth or “fine specimen.”

Paige: Latin name meaning “assistant helper.”

Regina: Latin name meaning “queen.”

Renee: French name meaning “reborn.”

Rachel: Hebrew name meaning “ewe or female sheep.”

Sandrine: Greek name meaning “man’s defender.”

Sofia: Greek name meaning “wisdom.”

Sophie: different spelling for the name Sofia. It means “wisdom.”

Tess: variant name for Teresa Greek name meaning “Late summer.”

Victoria: feminine version of the name Victor. A Latin name meaning “victory.”

Wren: English name meaning “small bird.”

Winona: Native American name used to mean “firstborn daughter.