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Beautiful Middle Names for Faye

Faye is a beautiful name that emerged from Middle English. When looking for a word to pair with Faye, most parents consider whether the surname has one or two-syllable. Unfortunately, it’s a daunting task to find the right middle name for many parents.

The good news is that there are very many gorgeous names you can use as a middle name for Faye. They include the following;

1. Charlotte

This charming name dates back to the 14th century in France. It means;

• Freeman

• Petite

Charlotte has other adorable variations you can use. They include;

• Charlie

• Lottie

• Lotte

• Carlota

• Carlotta

2. Louise

It’s a great name loved by many parents. Louise originated from Germany and means;

• Renowned in battle

• Famous warrior

3. Alicia

Germany was the source of this adorable name. The people in the olden days derived it from the word ‘Adelheid’.

Its spelling is in English. ‘Alice’ is its English version. The name means “noble natured”.

4. Catherine

The Greeks formed this cute name from the word ‘Aikaterina’. In Latin, the name gets spelt ‘Katharina’. The name givers crafted this name as a way of honouring some saints like St. Catherine of Alexandria. Catherine means;

• Pure

• Clear

5. Joy

The name has its roots in Old Latin and French. It’s a short soft and welcoming name loved by many people all over the world. Its popularity skyrocketed in the 17th C. Like its spelling, the word means “joy”.

6. Bryony

What a unique and charming name from Latin! The Romans crafted it from ‘bryony’, a popular, beautiful wild climbing vine. It means “to sprout”.

7. Laurel

It’s not a famous name, making it ideal for those looking for unique, enticing words for their loved ones. Laurel originated from Latin and means;

• Sweet bay tree

• Laurel tree

• Honour and victory

8. Matilda

The Germans came up with this fascinating name. You can also spell it as ‘Mathilde’ or ‘Mathilda’. It means;

• Battle in battle

• Strength in battle

9. Victoria

You will hear this pretty name in various parts of the world. It originated from Latin. The Romans formed it after their victory goddess named ‘Victoria’. That’s why the word means “victory”. Biblically, Victoria means “conqueror”.

10. Rebecca

Rebecca is familiar with Christians globally. It is tied to Jacob’s mother in the bible, in the Old Testament. This divine name means;

• To tie firmly

• Beautifully ensnarling

• Moderator

• To tie

• Noose

• To bind

11. Helena

This angelic name sounds sweet. It has its roots in Greek, meaning “shining light”. From a biblical point of view, the word means;

• Torch

• Attached to lucky no. ‘9’.

12. Isabella

The Italians and Spanish formed this admirable and name from the word ‘Elizabeth’. They derived the name from the Hebrew word ‘Elisheba’. The name means

• God is my oath

• God is perfection

• Consecrated to God

• Pledged to God

13. Arabella

Arabella is an alluring name with its roots in England. The English people crafted it from the word ‘Annabel’. It means;

• Beautiful

• Grace

• Favour

In Arab, the name means;

• Little Arab woman

• Beautiful Arab woman

The name means “invokable” in Latin. Biblically, Arabella means “Eagle heroine”.

14. Cecilia

With a Latin origin, this bewitching name sounds great. It means “blind to one’s beauty”. From a biblical point of view, the term Cecilia got derived from ‘Saint Cecilia’, meaning “blind”.

15. Miranda

What a unique dazzling name! Its origin is in Latin but has gotten used in America and England since the 17th C. The word means “to be wondered at”. Biblically, the name means “Admirable”.

16. Juliana

Juliana is an appealing name with its roots in Latin. Its masculine form is ‘Julius’, formed from the Latin term ‘iuvenis’.

It means “youthful”. In Greek, the word means “downy-bearded”.

17. Ariana

It’s a comely name you will not find with many people.

You can pick it for your child if searching for a memorable, sweet-sounding name. It originated from Hebrew, Old English, and Greek.

Ariana means “most holy”.

18. Susannah

The spelling is in English derived from the Hebrew name ‘Shoshana’. The term means “lily” and has many variants such as;

• Susana

• Susan

• Susie

• Susanna


As illustrated above, Faye is an awesome name with many words you can use as a middle name. The list above is just a few of the many available. Choose the name that pleases you.