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Beautiful Middle Names for Eden

Picking a middle name from the blues may not pair well with the first name. When selecting your little bundle of joy’s middle name, try to use a different approach from other people for optimal results. You will end up with a gorgeous and unique name.

Also, give the name a personal touch and be keen with the initials and meaning of the name, as some may have a bad connotation.

Eden is an attractive ancient name that still sounds cute. It has a Hebrew origin and is derived from the Biblical Garden of Eden. It means “Delight” or “place of pleasure”. The following are examples you can use as middle names for Eden;

1. Alice

What a charming name with its origin from Old German! It came from the word ‘Adalhaidis’, meaning “noble”. In Hindu, Alice means;

• Kind

• Appearance

From a biblical point of view, Alice means “brave ruler”.

2. Rose

This sweet little name has worldwide popularity. Its origin is in Latin from the word ‘rosa’. It means;

• famous type

• little rose

Biblically, the name associates with Virgin Mary, meaning “beautiful rose”.

3. Chloe

What a soft-sounding word! This comely name originated from Greek. The name givers formed it after ‘Chloe’, the goddess of the harvest. The term means;

• Fertility

• Blooming

4. Florence

With Latin origin, this name sounds delightful. Its French version is ‘Florentia”, who was a Roman martyr. It means;

• Prosperous

• Flourishing

Biblically, the name means;

• To flower

• Blossoming

5. Charlotte

Not quite common, but an elegant name. Its origin is in French, meaning;

• Petite

• A free man

• Feminine

It is a name favoured by the royals.

6. Frances

The origin of this elegant name is in Latin. It means “free one”. From a biblical perspective, the name means “free”.

7. Grace

It’s a delightful name derived from Greek’s mythology, illustrating ‘joy’ and “beauty”. The Romans also crafted it from the expression “God’s grace'” The word means;

• Generosity

• Goodness

• Charm

• My God is an oath

8. Victoria

The Romans developed this enticing name from ‘Victoria’, their goddess of victory. It means;

• Victory

• Conqueror

9. Genevieve

It’s an appealing name not so common. You can use this name if you love unique, sweet-sounding names.

Genevieve originated from Celtic nations or Germany. It means “woman of the race”.

Biblically, the name implies;

• Fair-skinned

• White wave

10. Hannah

Most Christians love this name. The Hebrews derived it from ‘Channah’, meaning “favor” or “grace”. Other meanings of Hannah include;

• Merciful

• Gracious

• Favoured by God

• One who gives

• Grace of God

11. Isabelle

Isabelle is a cute, soothing name with its roots in France. It’s a variation of the word ‘Elizabeth’ in Italian and Spanish. Isabelle means;

• Pledged to God

• Devoted to God

• God’s promise

• God is my oath

• God is perfection

12. Jessica

It’s an adorable name you will find with most actresses. Its roots are in Hebrew, meaning;

• God beholds

• Rich

• To see before

13. Hope

It’s a sweet, short name popular with many Christians. Hope originated from Old English. It means;

• Expectation

• Belief

• Hope

• Life


As explained above, it’s easier to choose a middle name when you know its origin and meaning. There are many names you can pair with Eden. Those listed above are part of the list. Pick one that meets your considerations.