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11 Classic Middle Names for Dawn

In almost all cultures, people’s names have a middle name. Mostly, it’s usually abbreviated after the first name. The practice of allocating middle names emerged in the middle ages.

Up to date, some people struggle to pick out a suitable centre name for their child. An excellent example is the pretty baby’s name ‘Dawn’. Many parents lack ideas on words to rhyme with Dawn as a middle name.

If you are struggling with the same, check out the following fantastic suggestions.

1. Isabel

The existence of this gorgeous name started in the middle ages. Its original spelling was the European word ‘Elisabel’. Traditionally, this name got assigned to girls. It has various meanings such as;

• God is my oath

• Pledged to God

• God is perfection

According to its Hebrew origin, Isabel means ‘consecrated to God’.

2. Emily

It’s a popular calming name given to females.

Emily has its roots in Rome, from the Latin word ‘aemulus’. It means ‘rival’.

The Greek also crafted it from the term ‘aimylos’, meaning;

• Persuasive

• Wily

Emily is English in spelling. Its Italian spelling is ‘Emilia’.

3. Amelia

This glamorous girl’s name has its roots in Latin. The early Latin name givers derived it from the word ‘Amal’, meaning ‘work’. But the meaning of ‘work’ in this case illustrates fertility and industriousness, and not labour.

4. Spencer

Spencer is an elegant traditional word that connects you to Britain. Most parents fall in love with it because it does not discriminate on gender, though it’s more common for males. Spencer means;

• Steward

• Administrator

5. Mackenzie

What a sweet-sounding name! Mackenzie first originated in Scotland. In Gaelic, the word means ‘comely’. It also means;

• Born of fire

• Child of the wise leader

• Son of Kenneth

Though it gets popularly given to boys, some parents name their girls Mackenzie.

6. Frances

It’s a French version of the English word ‘Francis’. This delightful name emerged from Latin.

It means ‘free one’. Many Christians love this name.

7. Catherine

This cute traditional name illustrates purity. The ancient Greeks moulded it from the word ‘katharos’. It also means ‘clear’. Since its formation, it got assigned to girls. Catherine has remained popular over the years.

8. Sophia

Sophia is an easy to pronounce old baby’s name from Greek. In the middle ages, the Europeans adopted it, skyrocketing its popularity. This soothing name means ‘wisdom’ and often get given to girls. Its masculine version is Sophus.

9. Camille

It’s a unique name given to a noble child. Camille originated from France and is primarily a female name. It means;

• Perfect

• Servant for the temple

• Free-born

• Noble

10. Evelyn

The roots of this charming name are in English. Originally, Evelyn got used as a surname. It means ‘wished for child’.

Biblically, Evelyn means ‘living one’.

11. Samantha

If you are searching for a divine name for your baby girl, Samantha is worth consideration. It emerged from Hebrew and means ‘God’.


Though some people may struggle with finding a middle name for Dawn, there are thousands of them. The above list illustrates a few. Go through them to see if you get a name you like.