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10 Beautiful Middle Names for Colleen

Middle names come after the first name. They give strength to a person’s name. The right middle name rhymes well with the first name.

Colleen is a pretty name, and there are numerous cute middle names to go with it. Unfortunately, many parents find it challenging to choose an ideal middle name for Colleen.

In this guide, you will learn several names you can use as a middle name for Colleen. They include but are not limited to;

1. Renee

Renee is a smooth sounding name with its roots in Rome. It was crafted from the word ‘Renatus’ by the Romans. Its spelling is in French, and means;

• Born again

• Reborn

2. Kay

This old sweet baby name originated from Rome. Most people assign it to girls. Its masculine form is Gaius. Kay means;

• Beautiful

• Bright

3. Elyse

Elyse is a charming name that emerged from Latin. It is a soft name given to baby girls. In 1944, Elyse’s popularity was at its peak. It, therefore, makes an excellent choice for a unique name for your daughter. Elyse means;

• God’s promise

• God is my oath

• From the blessed isles

4. Marie

It’s a gorgeous name for girls. Marie is the French spelling of the word ‘Mary’. It originated from Latin. Biblically, Mary was the mother of Jesus. This beautiful name means;

• Star of the sea

• Of the sea

• A drop of the sea

• Sea of sorrow

• Sea of bitterness

5. Faith

Faith is a traditional baby name given to girls. Its divine nature makes it ideal for a soft, strong-willed, and calm person. Faith’s spelling is English but got crafted from ‘fidere’, a Latin word meaning ‘to trust’.

In Arabic, this bewitching name means ‘belief’. It also means ‘faith’.

6. Hope

What an angelic name to give a little one! This cute short name has gotten used for ages. Most parents allocate it to their lovely daughters. Like its spelling, the word means ‘hope’. Other meanings include;

• Inspiration

• Hope in God

• A gift of hope

• Lay of light

7. Grace

If you are looking for an elegant name for your daughter, Grace would be an excellent choice. This beautiful name originated from Latin. It means;

• Goodness

• Generosity

• Charm

According to Greek mythology, this divine name names;

• Joy

• Beauty

8. Nicole

Traditionally, Nicole is an alluring name given to females. History has it that it originated from Greek and French. It has multiple meanings such as;

• People of victory

• Victory of the people

9. Joyce

Its origin is from the Latin word ‘ludocus’, meaning ‘Lord’. Spiritually, this charming name means ‘one who brings joy to others’. In French, Joyce means ‘joy’.

10. Jane

This exquisite name originated from the Queen’s land. Other sources indicate that this popular name has its roots in France. It’s from the word ‘Jehanne’. In Hebrew, Jane got crafted from the word ‘Yochanan’. It means;

• Yahweh is merciful

• God is gracious


As illustrated above, there are various adorable names to go with Colleen as a middle name. If stuck on what to choose, use the above examples as a starting point.