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16 Elegant Middle Names for Belle

Belle is a charming name to give your little bundle of joy. But some parents may find it difficult to allocate a middle term to match with it.

In this article, you shall learn various sweet names to go with ‘Belle’. They include but are not limited to the following;

1. Gwendolyn

This great name has its roots in Welsh. It means;

• Blessed ring

• Fair bow

• Of the white ring

• One who is fair

Christians love it and do not discriminate against gender.

2. Sophia

It’s a sweet name given to girls. Sophia emerged from Greece, but the Europeans popularized it. The word means ‘wisdom’. In the biblical version, it means ‘Wisdom of God’.

3. Andromeda

If you search for a unique, appealing name for your baby girl, Andromeda will work out great. It originated from Greek, meaning;

• Ruler of men

• Advising like a man

4. Felicity

Felicity means ‘happiness’. The Latin crafted it from their word that means ‘good fortune’ or ‘luck’. It has multiple gorgeous nicknames such as Filly, Felix, Fifi, and Liss.

5. Juliet

It’s a popular name around the world. Most parents love naming their loved ones Juliet because it means ‘youthful’. It also means ‘Downy haired’.

Biblically, this cute name means ‘falls in love with her father’s enemy. You can use Juju, Jules, or Jules as its nickname.

6. Magdelena

What an outstanding name to name your little one. This beautiful word emerged from Greek. Usually, it is given to a girl child. It means;

• Tower

• Woman from Magdala

In French, Magdelena means;

• Great

• Magnificent

• Elevated

7. Ophelia

The origin of this great name is anticipated to be ancient Greek. It’s a common name in Shakespeare’s play dubbed “Hamlet”. Since its formation, it got given to girls. Ophelia is an excellent choice if looking for an uncommon name. It means;

• Benefit

• Aid

• Who helps

• Who assists

• Helper

• Serpentine

According to the Catholics, the name honours a Danish martyr saint.

8. Daphne

It’s a lovely name derived from Greek mythology. According to the myth, the Daphne character was a female who got turned into a tree. The idea was to help her get away from Apollo.

The name means;

• Laurel tree

• Bay tree

9. Helena

This gorgeous word has its roots in Greek. It’s a character from the myth, Helen of Troy. Christians use this sweet name to remember Saint Helena. It means;

•  Shining light

• The bright one

• Touch

• Beautiful

10. Bryony

It’s a unique, nice name not used by many people. Bryony originated from the English, meaning ‘poisonous climbing vine’.

Other information has it that Bryony originated from Greek and means ‘climbing plant’. Other meanings include;

• To sprout

• Flowering plant

This alluring name usually is given to girls.

11. Beatrix

This alluring name originated from Viatrix, a female Latin word that means ‘voyager’ or ‘traveller’. Biblically, the name implies;

• Blessings

• Bringer of joy

It’s a renowned feminine name.

12. Zenobia

Zenobia is bewitching and unpopular. It’s a less used name to use if you want your kid to possess a unique name. Palmyra’s ruler in the 3rd C. was called Zenobia. Having come from Greek, the word means;

•  Born of Zeus

• Famous bearer

• Life of Zeus

This beautiful name is usually given to girls.

13. Clementine

Its spelling is the French version of ‘Clement’, a Latin word. It means;

• Mild

• Merciful

If looking forward to a daughter who will be merciful and mild to all, giving her this name will be a great choice.

Biblically, the name means ‘compassionate’.

14. Aurelia

What a calmly name! Its origin is in Latin, meaning the ‘golden one’. People allocate this cute, sweet name to girls. Not many people have discovered this gorgeous name, making it ideal for giving it to a special one.

15. Emilia

History has it that this adorable name came from the Latin word ‘aemulus’. It means;

• Emulate

• Excel

• Rival

• Strength

According to the bible version, Emilia means ‘industrious’. Most people name it after their girls.

16. Penelope

Having been crafted from ‘The Odyssey’, a Geek mythology, this stunning name means ‘weaver’. According to the myth, Penelope was renowned for warding off suitors as she waited for Odysseus.

Spiritually, the name means;

• Welcomeness

• Virility

• Luxury

• Infertility


As illustrated above, there are numerous charming words to use as Belle’s middle name. Just pick the one that excites you and fits your baby.