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20 Beautiful Middle Names for Beatrice

Beatrice is a classic, ancient, and vintage name with one syllable. Most parents love it and give it to their lovely kids. The problem they face is settling on a gorgeous middle name for it.

The meaning of Beatrice, which is “she who makes happy”, gives hints on its pairing names. The following are beautiful names you can pair with Beatrice;

1. Mae

Mae is a short, soft, cute name with origins in Rome and Britain. It comes with the many following meanings;

• Midwife

• Mother

• Greater

• A drop of the sea

• Sea of bitterness

• Wished for child

• Star of the sea

• Rebelliousness

• Exalted one

• Beloved

• Pearl

2. Maeve

This precious name originated from various places, meaning it has multiple meanings. The famous place of origin is Latin, and its meaning is “purple flower”. In Celtic, Maeve means “queen”. It means “intoxicating” in Gaelic.

3. Eve

Eve is a divine, gorgeous name made by the Ancient Hebrews. It’s spelt in English as the Latin spelling is “Eva”. The term means;

• Life

• Living

4. Blythe

What a charming name from Old English! The name means;

• Joyous

• Pleasant

It has many variants like Bligh, Blith, and Blyth.

5. June

June is a renowned captivating name from Latin. The Romans formed this word from their goddess known as Juno.

It means “young”. Biblically, June means “queen of the heavens”.

6. Claire

What a beauteous name from French! This widely used name means;

• Clear

• Bright

• Light-coloured

From the biblical perspective, the term also means “associated with lucky number ‘3’.

7. Wren

Parents that adore birds love this name. Its roots are in England and means “a small bird”. You will not find many people with this fashionable name, making it ideal for parents looking for sweet, unique words.

8. Jane

Though the name originated from England, you will come across it in most parts of the world. Other beliefs indicate that Jane also came from the Hebrews and France. The word means;

• God is gracious

• Merciful

9. Niamh

It’s an adorable name of Gaelic origin. The Irish developed it from their famous goddess called ‘Niam’. The term means;

• Shine

• Beauty

• Radiance

10. Pearl

This classy name originated from England. Like its spelling, it means “pearl”. It’s an excellent name to give a child you adore.

11. Joan

The Hebrews were the brains behind this name. Its French version is ‘Johanne’.

Joan means “God is gracious”. Biblically, the name means “God is merciful”.

12. Belle

You should consider this name if looking for the name of your beautiful child. The word originated from France and means “beautiful”. From a biblical perspective, the name means;

• My God is abundance

• My God is an oath

13. Sage

This fetching name is of Latin origin. It means “herb” or “prophet”. Biblically, Sage means “wise” or “associated to lucky number ‘5’.

14. Paige

It’s an inviting name created from the word ‘Paidion’ by the Romans. It means;

• Assistant

• Helper

What most parents love about this cute name is that it does not favour any gender.

15. Faith

Faith is a respected name widely used worldwide. The British introduced this name to the world when they ventured into other countries through their deeds like acts of charity. The name means;

• Belief

• Faith

16. Hope

Hope is a common beautiful name with its origins in Old English. The word means;

• Expectation

• Belief

17. Joy

Like its spelling, this gorgeous word means “joy”. It has its roots in Old French. Joy reached its peak of use in the 17th century. You will still find thousands of people named Joy all over the world today.

18. Lynn

The origin of this elegant name is in Welsh and England. It may mean;

• Lake

• Waterfall

• Pool

• Pond

19. Cale

This charming name dates back centuries ago in England. The word means;

• Dog

• Brave

In Hebrew, Cale means “a respected woman”. From a biblical point of view, Cale is a short form of ‘Caleb’ who accompanied Moses in the wilderness.

20. Dawn

It’s a popular cute name with its origin in England. It means;

• Daybreak

• The first appearance of light


As illustrated above, so many words can blend well with ‘Beatrice’ as its middle name. If you struggled with the words to pair Beatrice with, the list described above would assist you. Pick the word that works out best for you.