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Beautiful Middle Names for Arabella

The idea of having a middle name emerged in Italy in the 13th C. The practise began with the elites and spread to the rest of the world. Most middle names were of saints. The idea was that the saints would protect the child with their name.

Afterwards, France and Spain adopted the use of middle names. Then Europe and other parts of the world followed. Some parents may find it hard to choose a suitable middle name for their children.

Arabella is one of the adorable names people struggle with in finding a middle name. Luckily, the list is endless. Below are some of the words you can pair with Arabella.

1. Rose

This pretty popular name originated from Latin. The Romans derived it from the word ‘rosa’, meaning “rose”. In Old English, the term means “a flower”. German meaning of Rose is;

• Tender

• Flexible

• Soft

2. Joy

Joy is a cute, fun name famous around the world. It originated from the Hebrews and came with many meanings. The popular ones are;

• Joyful

• Delight

• Amorous

• Temptress

• Joy happiness

3. Antoinette

It’s an old classic with its roots in Latin. ‘Anthony’ is its masculine form. The term means “priceless”. In Greek, Antoinette means “flower”. From the biblical point of view, it means;

• Highly praiseworthy

• Beyond praise

4. Estelle

With its origin in Latin and France, this beautiful name sounds soothing. It means “star”. In Hindu, Estelle means “time” and in Islam “beloved”.

5. Hermione

It is the kind of name you go for when looking for an adorable unique name to give your child. Hermione has its roots in Greek, meaning;

• Messenger

• Earthly

• Stone

• Well born

6. Beatrice

This popular classic name originated from Latin. The early Romans crafted it from ‘Beatrix’, meaning;

• Blessed

• She who brings happiness

• Voyager

With a vintage flair, the name suits babies whose parents want them to be adventurous.

7. Louise

The Old German is the source of this cute and charming name. Its masculine form is Louis. The term means;

• Famous warrior

• Renowned warrior

• Famous female warrior

• Renowned fighter

Biblically, Louise associates with the lucky number’ 9’.

8. Grace

The Latin origin expression “God’s grace” is the source of this divine and charming name. It is a name common among many Christians around the world. It’s an old classic that never goes out of fashion. Grace means;

• Charm

• Goodness

• Generosity

According to Greek mythology, the term expresses ‘joy’ and ‘beauty’.

9. May

What a short comely name! With an English origin, this cute name means “the fifth month”. The British formed it after the Roman earth goddess named Maia. The name means;

• Wished-for child

• Rebellion

• Bitter

10. Sarah

This popular elegant name of all time has won the hearts of many Christians. No wonder they associate it with the Old Testaments’ ‘Sarai’, Abram’s wife. It means;

• Lady

• Princess of the multitude

• Princess

• Noblewoman


The above names are only a few of the many you can use as a middle name for ‘Arabella’. Go through them and pick what pleases you and fits your child. Avoid giving your child a first name and sir name only. Don’t be the odd one out; keep up with the trend of having a middle name.