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16 Trendy Middle Names for Amy

Amy is a trendy name given to girls in many cultures. When used as a first name, you will require to assign it another name to go with it. That other name becomes the middle name.

Though Amy is an easy name, looking for a suitable centre name is like a hard nut to crack for some parents. If you are facing the same problem, this guide is for you.

Here are some classic suggestions you can use as a middle name for Amy;

1. Celeste

Like its meaning, this beautiful name is divine! It has its roots in Latin.

Celeste comes from the word ‘caelestis’. It’s a Latin word meaning ‘heavenly’ or ‘celestial’.

In French, the name means ‘a heavenly daughter’. It’s common with Christians, and they assign it to any gender.

2. Lark

Like a beautiful bird, the name is lovely. It originated in America, meaning ‘songbird’. Lark is a common name allocated to both genders.

Larks are playful, adorable birds. That’s why this name suits a charming and flighty little boy or girl.

3. Aurora

What a romantic name! It emerged from Latin, meaning;

• Dawn

• Aurora Polaris

• Polar lights

Biblically, this alluring name means ‘morning’. Christians love it and assign it to any gender.

4. Adele

This appealing name sounds soothing. Germans crafted it from the word ‘Adel’. It means;

• Nobility

• Noble

It’s an excellent name to name a royal child.

5. Augusta

It’s a unique, mighty name with Latin origin. Augusta means;

• Great

• Magnificent

No wonder this gorgeous name is associated with wealthy great aunts. Nicknames to this name are Gussie and Aggie

6. Olivia

It’s a great girls’ name from Latin and means’ olive tree’. The masculine version is Oliver. In the biblical understanding, Olivia symbolizes;

• Dignity

• Fruitfulness

• Beauty

7. Rosalind

The early Germans derived this elegant name from the words’ hros’, meaning “horse” and ‘lind’, meaning “soft” or “tender”. Later on, the Latin rosa Lindal changed its meaning to ‘lovely rose’.

In English, Rosalind means ‘pretty rose’.

8. Juliet

With its roots in English, this adorable name means;

• Downy haired

• Youthful

• Sky father

There exist numerous cute nicknames for Juliet. Some examples include Juje, Jule, and Jules.

Its male version is Julius.

9. Cassandra

According to Greek mythology, Cassandra means ‘the one who shines and excels over men’. Its biblical meaning is ‘shine upon mankind’.

People named Cassandra are perceived to be;

• Charismatic

• Idea generator

• Talkative

• Stimulating

It’s a beautiful name to call your girl.

10. Eugenia

This pretty name has its roots in Greek. It’s a gorgeous name given to girls. Eugenia meanings are several. They include;

• Nobility

• Well born

• Nobility of birth

Eugenia got highly used before 1980, but its popularity is bound to revive. That’s why it’s a sweet, unique name to name your daughter.

11. Gwendolyn

The early Welsh came up with this bewitching name. Its sound is engaging, making it exciting to pronounce. It has multiple meanings such as;

• Blessed ring

• Fair bow

• Of the white ring

• One who is fair

12. Isabella

Isabella emerged from the Hebrew word ‘Elisheba’. It’s also a variation of the word ‘Elizabeth’. Its spelling is in Italian and Spanish. It means;

• God is my oath

• Pledged

• Devoted to God

• God is my abundance

• Consecrated to God

13. Catherine

Its origin is from ancient Greek. This sweet, old girls’ name means ‘pure’ from the biblical perspective. Other meanings include;

• Clear

• One hundred

14. Noelle

Noelle originated from a French word known as ‘noel’. It means Christmas. Biblically, this cute, smooth name means ‘the Lord’s birthday’. Noelle is assigned to females. Its male version is Noel.

15. Rebecca

Rebecca would make a great choice if looking for a popular, charming name for your little bundle of joy. Based on its Hebrew origin, Rebecca means ‘to tie’ or to ‘bind’.

Other meanings include;

• Noose

• Moderator

• To snare

• To tie firmly

16. Jillian

It’s a male version of Julian. This unique, cute name originated from Hebrew. Initially, it got spelt as Gillian. Jillian is the modern spelling. It has multiple meanings such as;

• Sky father

• Youthful

• Soft haired

• Downy-bearded


As illustrated above, Amy can have multiple, excellent middle names. The above examples are just a tiny part of the long list. Go through the names and pick what pleases you.