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Experts Reveal That Putting Your Christmas Tree Up Early Makes You Happier

Christmas trees brighten the atmosphere with their lights and decorations. Did you know that lights and colours trigger happiness and positive energy? Even kids get excited at the sight of a Christmas tree.

According to experts, putting your Christmas tree up early makes you happier. The more you see it, the more happier you become!

Also, the Christmas holiday is about spending some good times with your loved ones. It’s a joyous time. A Christmas tree reminds you of this happy time.

By the sight of the Christmas tree, your mind shifts to happy moments. It could be a pleasant memory you remember from a previous Christmas holiday or one that you plan to make this time around.

In return, you brighten up and smile, shifting your mood to a happy one. A happy person is always friendlier. Moreover, most people communicate friendliness during the Christmas season.

Research And People’s Experiences…

Several psychologists say that Christmas decorations trigger a feel-good hormone known as dopamine. According to them, lights and colours act as chromotherapy also referred to as colour therapy.

A craft store owner in Peoria, Teresa Stout, said she put their Christmas tree and decorations up in mid-September.

She narrated how surprised she was when she discovered many parents were bringing in their kids every time to see the beautiful glowing tree. The kids could always lose themselves in happiness.

The Coronavirus pandemic created a sad atmosphere of sickness and death. Some people confess that putting on lights and decorations in their spaces have helped them change the mood to a happier and friendlier one.

In an interview with UNILAD, Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst and founder of the MindFixers, said some people put on a Christmas tree up early to awaken the magic of the festive season.

According to him, people love associating themselves with things that put them in a happy mood. Christmas decorations and lighting trigger those joyous childhood and holiday moments.

Also, the act of decorating and putting the lights on the Christmas tree brings out lovely memories of how you used to do it as a kid. As a result, you enjoy every bit of it.

Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, backed up this point when she told UNILAD during an interview that the festive season triggers nostalgia. With nostalgia, you can link up with your past easily.


Nowadays, the festive season seems to pass by very fast. Putting your Christmas tree up early will make you happier by having it around for a longer time.

So, don’t allow people’s opinions to deter you from putting your Christmas tree up early. Remember, it will make you happy, and that’s all that matters. Besides, psychologists and scientists understand you.

If you are the type that loves giving life to your Christmas tree before time but has been afraid, it’s time to act. Please remove it from its hiding place and put it up now. Decorate it as you wish and put on the lighting. Then relax and enjoy the moment.