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54 Disney Pixar Baby Names

If you and your partner love Pixar movies and are expecting a baby you may want to consider a Disney Pixar inspired baby name. In this list we cover Disney Pixar character names and there meanings so you can pick the perfect name for your child.

Disney Pixar Baby Boy Names

Mike: Mike is the one of the lead protagonists of Monsters Inc. He is a one-eyed, green goofball of a monster who, along with his best friend Sulley, scare children for a living. The name “Mike” is a diminutive form of Michael which means “he who is like God”, and comes from the Hebrew name Mikha.

Sulley: Mike’s best friend and co-worker in Monsters, Inc, Sulley is a large, furry, purple-and-blue monster with horns on his head. Sulley is a name that originates from the phrase “south meadow”, and may have originated as a variation of the Irish surname Sullivan. It has been used since the 17th century in England, Ireland, and Scotland as both a first name and surname.

Art: Art is one of the main characters of the 2013 Monsters University movie. He has a laidback, quirky personality, and is uniquely shaped like a purple, blue-striped arch. The name “Art” has Celtic roots, possessing a meaning of “noble one” or “champion”. It is also a commonly shortened form of “Arthur”.

Marlin: Marlin is a clownfish from the movie Finding Nemo, who goes on an epic quest to save his son (Nemo) who was kidnapped by a diver and taken back to be placed in an office aquarium. Marlin is a name that comes from ancient England and Wales. It means “near the lake or sea fort.”

Bruce: Bruce is a Great White shark in the movie Finding Nemo- who also happens to be recovering carnivore. Bruce is a traditionally masculine name that started in the French, Scottish and English languages and means “from the brushwood thicket.” The Scottish king Robert the Bruce is famous for bringing Scottish independence from England. His name, Bruce, came to be used as a place name in that area.

Crush: Crush is a ‘surfer dude’ sea turtle in Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo who helps Marlin and Dory on their quest to save Nemo. Crush is a unique and relatively modern name, with qualities of spontaneity and versatility associated with the moniker. People named Crush have an expressive and happy demeanor, and also have a dutiful sense of responsibility.

Hank: Hank is a seven-tentacled (due to losing one tentacle at some point) octopus that appears in the second installment of the Nemo series, “Finding Dory”. Hank is a name that may have been inspired by the Dutch name Henk, which may itself be a shortened form of another name: Hendrik. The name has a meaning of “ruler of the estate”.

Russell: Russell is one of the two main protagonists of Disney Pixar’s Up. As a Junior Wilderness Explorer, he goes to Paradise Falls with Carl Fredricksen and Dug the dog. The name Russell is a male first name that is adapted rom the surname Russell, which itself originates from the French or Norse “Russel/Rossel”. The name originally means “that who is red-skinned or red-haired (though Russell in the movie is neither!).

Carl: Carl Fredricksen is the main character of the animated film Up. He is an easily annoyed and often-disgruntled retired helium balloon salesman who goes on a journey to Paradise Falls. Carl is a common male name used in Northern Europe. The name originates from Old Norse terminology, meaning “free man”.

Dug (Doug): Dug the Dog is a very good golden retriever in “Up” who meets Russell and Carl on their journey to Paradise Falls. The name Dug has a Scottish origin and carries a meaning of “dark water”.

Woody: Woody is a classic cowboy toy doll who is the lead character in the Toy Story series. He serves as the leader of the group, taking care of each toy member. The name Woody originated in America, and has a meaning of “from the houses in the woods”.

Andy: Andy is the human male owner of all of the toys in Toy Story. He is well-loved by his toys, as he is seen as a kind, loving owner that treats his toys as cherished friends. Andy is the short form of Andrew, which itself is derived from the Greek name Andreas and means “courageous” or “masculine”.

Buzz: Buzz Lightyear, a well-built toy spaceman of the Intergalactic Alliance, is one of the more iconic characters in the whole of Disney Pixar history- let alone the Toy Story series. Buzz can both be a shortened form of Busby as well as a pure nickname, and has a meaning of “village in the forest”.

Rex: Rex is a dinosaur toy in Toy Story. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is known for being one of the kinder and more gentle (or cowardly) of the characters in the series. The name Rex originates from Latin and has a meaning of “ruler” or “king”.

Bob: Bob is the father of the family in the movie The Incredibles. He possesses superhuman strength, and was a widely-celebrated superhero in his youth. Bob is a common shortened form of the name Robert, and has a meaning of “bright, shining fame”.

Dash: Dash is the hyperactive boy of The Incredible’s superhero family. He possesses the superpower of extreme speed, able to travel far distances in an instant. Dash as a name naturally means “to run quickly”, and has grown in popularity in modern times.

Tony: Tony is a minor character in The Incredibles as the love interest of Violet. He is honest, approachable, kind, and polite, and eventually comes to be referred to as Violet’s boyfriend. The name Tony means “priceless and praiseworthy one” and has Greek and Latin origins.

Alfredo: Alfredo is a character in the movie Disney Pixar film Ratatouille. He is an aspiring chef with none of the accompanying talent. Alfredo is a male name with Italian roots. It means “bright, famous and prosperous” and has been passed down from Celtic ancestors.

Remy: Remy is the protagonist of Ratatouille, who narrates the entire story of his life and career. Remy is a nose-twitching rat who’s dream is to work for a top Parisian restaurant founded by Auguste Gusteau. The name Remy is French in origin and means “oarsman”.

Auguste: Auguste- more commonly known by his surname Gusteau- was a famous chef in Paris who was a hero to both Alfredo and Remy. Auguste (French for the Latin Augustus) is a name that has been regarded as one of the most classical, elegant and sophisticated French names. The name also holds a meaning of “sacred,” “powerful” and “great”.

Emile: Emile is Remy’s food-loving older brother in the movie Ratatouille. He is brown and overweight, but also shows a kind, understanding side to his personality. Emile is a French name that means “to be” or “to exist”, and which can also mean “eager”. It is derived from the Gaelic Eimile.

Angus: Angus is a Shire horse from the 2012 Disney Pixar movie “Brave”. He is the constant companion of the main character Merida. The name Angus originates from the Scottish language, and means “one who is strong, brave and vigorous”.

Flik: Flik is one of the main characters in A Bug’s Life. He was an inventive and courageous worker ant who was always trying to improve the ant colony. The name Flik comes from “flickering” or “a light that is turned on and off rapidly so as to show intermittent flashes”. It can also mean “happy” or “fortunate”.

Arlo: Arlo is an 11-year old dinosaur that is the main character of the Disney Pixar movie “The Good Dinosaur”. Arlo is a male given name that has grown in popularity in recent decades, but still remains relatively rare. It is derived from the Germanic name Arlóah which means “close to the army”.

Miguel: Miguel is the main character of the Disney movie Coco who journeys to the land of the dead during Dia de los Muertos. The Spanish name Miguel originates from Hebrew and can be literally translated to “Who is like God?.” The name also means “gift from God” or “who was like God”.

Hector: Hector is a character in the Disney Pixar movie Coco. He has one of the more animated personalities of any of the characters in the film and has a secret connection with Miguel. The name Hector originates from Old Greek and means “to restrain” or “to check”.

Disney Pixar Baby Girl Names

Boo: Boo, otherwise known as Mary Gibbs, is the little girl who ventured to the Monster world in Monsters, Inc. and became friends with Sulley and Mike. Boo is a female name of Celtic origin that means “beloved”, and is a common way of showing endearment and affection.

Dot: Dot is the princess of the ant colony in Disney Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life”. The name Dot, interestingly enough, comes from the Old English word “to give” or “to bestow.” The name has Welsh origins and is often a nickname for females.

Violet: Violet is the eldest child and daughter in The Incredibles’ family. She possesses powers of invisibility and the ability to use force fields. The name Violet has a Latin origin, and means “the colour purple”. The name’s meaning of “blue-purple” comes from the flowers of the same species.

Helen: Helen is the mom of The Incredibles’ family. Her superpower is elasticity and extreme flexibility, which comes in handy in a variety of situations. The name Helen originates from the Greek language, and means “torch bearer”. It is derived from the Greek word ‘helene’, which comes from a Hellenic word that translates to “to bring light to”.

Edna: Edna is the costume and outfit designer for superheroes in the animated film The Incredibles. The name Edna originates from the Hebrew language, and means “pleasure”. The name is derived from a Hebrew word that literally translates to “joy” or “joyful”.

Mirage: Mirage is the assistant of the main villain Syndrome in The Incredibles animated movie. Mirage, from French origin, means “a deceptive appearance or image.” The word Mirage has been derived from Medieval Latin and its Arabic origins: miragia, which translates to “enchanting sight”.

Kari: Kari is the unfortunate 14-year old babysitter who is tasked with taking care of the baby of The Incredibles’ family, Jack-Jack. The name Kari has a number of different possible origins, but the most common belief is that it originates from the Norse word “kairi”, which translates to “beautiful and pure”.

Eve: Eve is the name of the female robot protagonist and titular character of the Pixar film Wall-E. While in the movie EVE stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, the name in real life has meanings from various languages. The most prominent meaning is “life” (of course!).

Ellie: Ellie is the wife of Carl Fredriksen, with whom she had a lifetime of happiness and adventure. Ellie is often used as a short form of the names Ellen and Eleanor, and means “the light or candle of Jesus.”

Colette: Colette is one of the main protagonists of Ratatouille. She has an adventurous spirit and is very hardworking when it comes to cooking and reaching her goals. The name Colette can be French or German in origin, and means “to achieve” or “to win”.

Jessie: Jessie is one of the main characters in the Toy Story series of movies. She is a excitable yet sensitive cowgirl with a love for yodelling. Jessie’s name has Hebrew and Christian origins and means “God’s gift” or “to give”.

Bonnie: Bonnie is a minor supporting character from movies Toy Story 3 and 4. She is the second owner of Woody and the group of toys. Bonnie’s name is of English and Scottish origin and means “beautiful” and “daughter of the beloved.”

Barbie: Barbie is one of the famous minor characters in the Toy Story movies. Unlike many of the other toys Barbie is a genuine doll toy that exists in real life, produced by the toy company Mattel. The name Barbara comes from the Latin word “Barbara”, which means “foreign woman”.

Trixie: Trixie is one of the minor characters from the Toy Story movie series. She is a blue and purple-tinted triceratops toy who is endlessly positive and enthusiastic. The name Trixie comes from a number of different languages, but its meaning in English means “magic”, “mysterious” or “wonderful.” The name can also be derived from Welsh language, which means “to trick” or “a clever fellow”.

Dory: Dory is a fish who suffers from short term memory loss and accompanies Marlin on his quest to find his son in the movie Finding Nemo. Dory’s name is a common nickname for the names Dorothy, Doreen and Doris. It has French roots and means “God’s gift”, but can also mean “from the sea” or “the sea”.

Darla: Darla, the niece of Philip Sherman, is the main antagonistic character of the Finding Nemo movie. She has a reputation among the fish in the aquarium as a “fish killer”. Darla is a variation of the name Darlene, and means “loved one” or “darling”.

Destiny: Destiny is a near-sighted whale shark in Finding Dory who originally lives in the Marine Life Institute. However, she escapes into the ocean at the end of the movie and helps Dory with her quest. The name Destiny has a Latin origin with the word “destinare”, and means “to be determined”.

Bailey: Bailey is the name of a beluga whale that lives at the Marine Life Institute in Finding Dory. He is good friends with Destiny, with whom he escapes into the ocean with towards the end of the movie. The name Bailey comes from an Old English word that means “bailiff” or “city walls”.

Riley: Riley is one of the main characters in the film Inside Out within whom her emotions reside. The name Riley comes from an Old English word that means “brave, strong, resolute”. While it is a traditionally masculine name, Riley has evolved into a common name for females as well in modern times.

Joy: Joy is the major protagonist and one of the main emotions of Riley’s mind. She is generally depicted as a human-like figure who has light, shining skin and a short, blue pixie-cut. The meaning of Joy comes from the Latin and French languages, which translates quite directly to “joy or delight”.

Celia: Celia is a hardworking and kind monster who also happens to be the girlfriend of Mike. She takes pride in her work, being the best receptionist at Monsters, Inc that she can be. Celia is a name with Latin roots, and carries a meaning of “heaven”.

Roz: Roz, a minor character in the movie Monsters, Inc., is a cranky monster with a slug-like appearance who works at the company. The name Roz is a variation of the name Rosalind, and means “rose tree.” It can also mean “gentle horse”.

Merida: Merida is the protagonist of the animated Disney film Brave, and she is a princess from the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch. The name Merida comes from an Latin word that carries a meaning of “one who is honourable”.

Elinor: Elinor is the King of DunBroch’s wife and Queen of DunBroch. She is a fair, just and kind ruler, who rules based on her own innate sense of duty rather than any external influence. The name Elinor comes from a Greek origin that carries a meaning of “ray of sun”.

Atta: Princess Atta is a princess of the ant colony in A Bug’s Life, and the next in line for the throne. She is a very self-conscious and nervous character, though she steps up by the end of the film. The name Atta has Arabic roots with the word “Ata”, which means “gift”.

Sally: Sally is one of the main protagonists in the Disney Pixar film, “Cars.” She is the attorney of Radiator Springs and the girlfriend of Lightning McQueen. The name Sally comes from a number of languages. It has French, Russian, German and Old English roots. The meaning of the name is “princess”.

Imelda: Imelda is a major character from the animated film Coco. She is an ancestor of the Rivera family who is willing to go to any lengths to make sure that music is banned for those in her clan. The name Imelda has Spanish origins and means “woman warrior” and “supreme fighter”.

Coco: Coco is the central character of the Disney Pixar animated film of the same name. She is the great-grandmother of Miguel, towards whom she is always kind and supportive. The name Coco has American origins, and carries a meaning of “chocolate bean”.

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