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All the Christmas Questions you can ask Alexa

Ever wanted to know the origin of Santa or Christmas? Want to play a game with a smart speaker powered by a voice-based digital assistant? Alexa is a digital assistant developed by Amazon. The AI powers an entire smart device ecosystem and can perform different tasks. All you have to do is give the smart speaker voice commands.

Want to have fun this holiday with Amazon’s Alexa? Here are Christmas questions you and your kids can ask Alexa.

1. When and where was Santa born?

Alexa may reply, “The Story of Santa can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. It’s believed he was born around 280 AD in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey.” Or something else along those lines.

2. Open call Santa Claus

When your kids say the command above, Alexa will connect them to Old St Nick and his friends at the North Pole.

3. Where is Santa right now, and when does he arrive?

The AI digital assistant will have your own countdown and a message from Santa to your kids.

4. What do we celebrate on Christmas?

Alexa will tell you why we celebrate Christmas.

5. When were Christmas trees first used?

The digital assistant will probably reply as follows,” The origin of Christmas trees goes all the way to ancient Romans and Egyptians. They used pine trees, fir and other evergreen trees to make wreaths and garlands. However, modern Christmas trees started in Germany in the 16th century.”

6. Tell me a Christmas joke

Alexa will tell you some of the funniest Christmas jokes.

7. How far away is the North Pole?

During Christmas, Alexa is your holiday elf. Using your location, the AI assistant will calculate the distance to the North Pole.

8. What does the term Xmas mean?

This is a Christmas fact that will enable your kids to learn the origin of the term “Xmas.”

9. How many reindeers does Santa have?

Learn how many reindeers Santa has (and their names!)

10. How many helpers does Santa have at the North Pole?

Your kids will be shocked to learn how many people live in the North Pole.

11. Open the Night before Christmas?

Alexa will play a 3-minute version of the classic poem.

12. What’s today’s Christmas treat?

The digital assistant will surprise you each day until Christmas eve.

13. Add the following items to my Christmas shopping list.

You can add different items from books to electronics and much more.

14. Remind me to put the turkey in the oven.

Cooking Christmas dinner is stressful! Alexa is there to help.

15. Turn on the Christmas lights.

For this to work, you need smart app-controlled lights like Twinkly. Set up the lights, then connect them and your smartphone or Amazon Echo via WiFi or Bluetooth. Now, you can control your Christmas lights with voice commands.

16. Play Christmas music.

The Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot will start playing Christmas music. The AI assistant can play popular songs such as “All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey and Last Christmas by Wham! For this to work, register with Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music.

17. What’s the best Christmas movie?

Alexa will recommend the latest and popular Christmas movies for you and your family to watch.

18. How do I make…?

Ask Alexa for a specific Christmas recipe. The digital assistant will search the internet and read recipes for cookies, turkey, Christmas dinner and other treats.

19. Set an Elf on the Shelf reminder.

This will remind you to move the Elf on the Shelf before your kids wake up.

20. Remind me to…

Alexa will make sure that you do not forget anything.

Other Christmas Questions you can ask Alexa…

How do you build a snowman?

Read a Christmas Carol. Alexa will sweep you and your family off into the Christmas spirit when it starts to read Dickens A Christmas Carol.

Open a Christmas trivia. You and your family can answer a series of questions and broaden your knowledge of Christmas.

Tell me a knock, knock joke.

Tell a bedtime story to…(say your child’s name)

is it going to be a White Christmas?

After asking these questions to Alexa the digital assistant will broadcast your message to your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot.