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Boys and Girls Names that go with the Surname Smith

A surname is also called a family name. It is the last name added to a person’s full name. Mostly, it is inherited, and all family members usually have a similar surname.

Surnames usually give a sense of identity to family or a lineage. When naming a baby, most parents struggle with choosing an ideal name that suits or blends well with the surname. If your surname is Smith, the following are excellent names you can call your little bundle of joy;

1. Callum

What a lovely name to give your son! This pretty name has its roots in Gaelic and Scotland.

It means “dove”. Most Christians use this name. To them, a dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, peace, and purity.

2. Noah

It’s an ancient classic name of Hebrew origin. The Hebrews formed it from the word “Noach”, meaning;

• Rest

• Repose

Most parents embrace this boys’ sweet spot name because it’s easy to spell and pronounce. Biblically, it’s associated with Noah’s ark.

3. Cormac

It’s a fabulous boys’ name with its source in Gaelic or Ireland. Cormac means;

• Destroying son

• Impure son

• Son of raven

• Son of a charioteer

4. William

With its roots in Germany, this popular boys’ name is appealing. The term means;

• Strong-willed warrior

• Resolute protector

From a biblical perspective, William means “determined protector”.

The name comes with many variations, such as Wil, Will, Wills, and Willy.

5. Leo

This short, cute name comes with a bold statement. It originated in Greek from the word for ‘lion’. It’s one of the oldest boys’ names still used today. Leo never goes out of style. It means;

• Lion-hearted

• Brave people

6. Cathal

Cathal is a unique and stunning name given to boys. With its roots in Ireland, the word sounds cute. The spelling is the same in the English language. The ancient Irish people derived it from two elements, ‘cath’ and ‘val’, meaning “battle” and “rule”.

The term also means;

• Battle rule

• Ruler

• Strong in battle

7. Amira

It’s a pretty girls’ name that has won the hearts of the South Asian and Middle East people. No wonder this sweet name originated from Arabia. It means “princess”.

In Hindu, Amira means;

• High born girl

• Princess

In Hebrew, it means;

• Treetop

• Saying

8. Marina

This charming name originated from Latin. Its crafters used the word ‘mare’ in making it. Marina means;

• The maiden of the sea

• From the sea

• Shining

• Sparkling

In Islam, this gorgeous girls’ name means;

• Sea maiden

• From the shore

9. Meredith

Meredith is a unique girls’ name not known to many people. This enticing name originated from Welsh and Hebrew. In Welsh, Meredith means;

• Greatness

• Great chief

In Hebrew, this great name means;

• Bitterness

• The sea

Biblically, this pleasing name means;

• Protector of the sea

• A great ruler

10. Melody

It is from the Greek term ‘meloidia’. This soft-sounding, pretty girls’ name has its roots in Old English, meaning “song tune”. It was a great hit in the ’60s and is still a classic today. It’s a great name to constantly remind you of the joy your new family member has brought!

11. Carla

Carla is a fascinating and lovely girls’ name from Old German. It means;

• Free woman

• Warrior

• Army

Its masculine form is ‘Karl’. The name has numerous variations, such as Carley, Carleen, and Carlee.

12. Liberty

Liberty is a beauteous, sweet girls’ name from Middle English. It means;

• Freedom

• Liberal

• Independence

13. Keir

This unique, cute, tiny name is of Gaelic origin. It’s a gender-neutral name that means;

• Dusky

• Dark-haired

• Dark-skinned

• Swarty

14. Hazel

It’s a pretty name usually given to girls. Hazel has its roots in Old English. This gorgeous and calm name means “hazel tree”.

Biblically, the name emerged from the Hebrews, meaning “God sees”. It has numerous variations, such as Hazela, Haizellah, and Haize.

Nicknames for this lovely name are Hazy and Haze.

15. Amelia

This adorable girls’ name emerged from the German word ‘Amal’. It means;

• Work

• Strain

• Effort

• Industrious

• Hard-working

Amal connotes fertility and industriousness. In Hebrew, the name means “Work of the Lord”.


As explained above, surnames are essential for everyone. They give you an identity and a touch of family. If searching for a boy’s or girl’s name to rhyme with the surname ‘Smith’, the above list will help you out. Fortunately, boys and girls names that go with the surname Smith are many. The words above are only a few from the list.