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45 Boy Middle Names for Monroe

Monroe is an adorable name of Scottish origin. It means “mouth of the river” and comes with a presidential touch. While there may be other meanings for the same name in different countries, that is the most common. Unfortunately, most parents have difficulty identifying words to pair with Monroe.

In this article, you shall learn different cute names to use as middle names for Monroe. These names include but are not limited to;

1. Elliot

It means;

• Bravely and truly

• With strength and right

• The Lord is my God

• Boldly and rightly

2. James

In ancient times, people derived this beautiful name from the Hebrew word known as Jacob. It means “replacer” or “supplanter”.

3. Caleb

Caleb is a sweet name from Hebrew. It means;

• Faithful

• Whole-hearted

• Bold Brave

• Devotion from God

4. Greyson

This charming name was from the Middle English name known as “greyve” or steward. It means;

• Son of the steward

• Son of grave

5. Jennings

Most parents give this name to their young ones after being baptized. It means “son of John” and comes with many variations like Jennens, Jenyns, and Jennins.

6. Oliver

It is an adorable name with its origin in France and Latin. It means “ancestor’s descendants”.

7. Bennett

This precious name emerged from the English land. They crafted Bennett from the word Benedictus, a Latin name. It means “blessed”.

8. Patrick

This great name got derived from the word Patricius, a Latin name. It means a “ruler”.

9. David

It is from the Hebrew word ‘Dawid’, which evolved from the word ‘dod’. The name David is associated with the Bible. It means “beloved”.

10. August

This delightful name emerged from the Latin word ‘Augustus”. It means;

• To increase

• Venerable

• Esteemed

11. Alexander

The name honours Alexander the Great. Its Greek version is Alexandros, and it means “defender of men”.

12. Charles

It’s a captivating name with its origin in Old English. Charles came from the English word ‘ceorl’, meaning “free man”.

13. Nathaniel

Earlier name givers formed this loveable name from the Greek word ‘Netane’el’. It means “gift of God or El” or “God or El has given”.

14. Theodore

Theodore is a classic name from Greek. It means “gift of God”.

15. Frederick

Its German form is ‘Friedrich’, and it means “peaceful ruler”. Fred is a popular short form of this delightful name.

16. Nicholas

Parents formed this gorgeous name from the word ‘Nikolaos’, a Greek name. It means “victory of the people”.

17. Samuel

Its origin is in the Bible’s Old Testament. The word is a Hebrew phrase that means;

• God has heard

• Name of God

18. Donovan

This appealing name cropped up from Ireland. It means “brown-haired chieftain or man”.

19. Dominic

Originally, Dominic was from ancient Roman. Today, the name is common among Catholics all over the world. It means:

• Belonging to God

• Of the master

• Lordly

20. Sullivan

With its origin from Irish, many parents love it. Sullivan means “Dark-eyed”.

21. Harrison

It emerged from Germany and England. Harrison means “house ruler”.

22. Elliot

This enchanting name came from Scotland and means;

• Lord is my God

• Bravely and truly

• Boldly and rightly

23. Elias

The name is from the biblical word ‘Elijah”. It means “the Lord is my God”.

24. Elijah

It means “Yahweh is my Lord or God”. You can also spell it as Elias

25. Anthony

This gorgeous name comes from the Roman name Antonius. Anthony means;

• Highly praiseworthy

• Priceless one

26. Jameson

It’s an ancient name from Scotland, where it’s still popular. Jameson means “son of James”.

27. Isaiah

This precious name originates from the Bible. Name givers formed it from a Hebrew word called ‘yesha’yahu’.

It means “God saves”.

28. Gregory

The Latin word ‘Gregorius’ is the root of this sweet name. Gregory means “alert” or “watchful”.

29. Timothy

The Greeks created this name from their word Timotheos. Timothy is its English version. It means;

• In God’s honour

• Honoured by God

• Honouring God

30. Zachary

he name is of Hebrew origin and has many variant forms. It means “God remembers”.

31. Julian

Julian is a delightful name with its roots in Latin and English. It means;

• Sky father

• Youthful

• Downy-bearded

32. Adrian

Ancient people formed it from the Latin word ‘Adrianus”. Its meaning is “son of Adria”.

33. William

This timeless classic name from England dates centuries ago. Most people still love and use it today. It means;

• Strong-willed warrior

• Resolute protector

34. Declan

It has its roots in Ireland. Declan came from the Irish saint’s name ‘Declan’. The name means;

• Full of goodness

• Man of prayer

35. Gavin

Gavin is a charming name crafted in Scotland many years ago. It was from the Scottish name ‘Gawain’. It means “white hawk” or “God sent”.

36. Colton

It’s an adorable name from the English land. It means “from the coal town” or “from the dark town”.

37. Lachlan

Lachlan is a unique name you’ll not hear with many people. Its roots are in Gaelic.

The name means “Warlike” or “land of Fjords”.

38. Lincoln

As the name denotes, it emerged from Lincoln city. It means “lake or pool colony”.

39. Idris

What a beautiful Arabic and Welsh name! Its original meaning is “interpreter”. The term also means;

• Smart

• Studios

• To learn in Arabic

40. Garrett

The name originated from Germany and got introduced to Britain. Biblically, Garrett means “ruler with the spear”.

41. Philip

It has its roots in Greek. Philip emerged from the Greek word ‘Philippos’.

The name means “fond of horses” or horse-loving”.

42. Wesley

Wesley contains an Anglo-Norman etymology.

The first three letters mean “Western cardinal direction”.

The other letters refer to pasture, field, or other clearing forest. Wesley, therefore, means “a field to the west” or “western lea”.

43. Nathan

It’s an adorable Hebrew name that means “gift of God” or “He gave”.

44. Jensen

Jensen is a Scandinavian form of the name John. It means “son of John”.

45. Walter

Walter is a bewitching name from Germany. It means “the commander of the army”.


As illustrated above, there exist many words you can place as middle names of Monroe. The above list is not all. The terms are part of many others. Go through them and choose the name you adore and suits your baby boy.