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Birthday Gifts For 5-10 Year Old Birthday Parties

Birthday Gifts for 5-10 Year Old Birthday Parties (Under £10)

Parenting – it’s an endless conveyer belt of birthday parties, soft play and cleaning up sick on rotation!

And let’s be honest if you’re not organising your own children’s birthday, then you’re attending someone else’s. Soft play, trampoline, football, paintball – you name it, you’ll be there making small talk with parents when you could be at home doing the washing! Still, there’s always the cake. Oh to be a parent.

Particularly between the ages of 5 and 10 years old you’ll be attending plenty of class parties. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on gifts, want to know which is the best new family board game to buy, or are not sure how much to spend, we’ve got it covered.

How much to spend on a child’s birthday present?

While there are no hard and fast rules, the general consensus is £5-10 is ok for a kids’ birthday present, although typically £10 is a good number. If the child is a close friend, then it’s not unusual to spend a bit more – like £15.

If you know where to look, there are some great bargains to be had, on everything from cheap family board games, to soft toys and drawing toys – which are always winners with little ones.

Best places to shop for children’s birthday presents

Save yourself time and money by shopping on Amazon and Argos. Both of these online sites offer competitive prices and have great deals. With Amazon, be sure to get your shopping list ready in time for Black Friday, where you can bag some epic deals. As for Argos, they often do 2 for £15 or similar offers for join children’s gifts. This is a great opportunity to stock up on cheap family board games, dolls, teddies and action toys that you can give to children as gifts for the many birthdays coming up.

Ideal gifts for 5-10-year-olds

During the age of 5 and 10 years old, children are at Primary School. This tends to coincide with lots of large class parties in the first few years, and tapers out to just a few selected parties as they get older. Either way, be prepared for lots of gift-giving.

You’ll also want to impress other parents with thoughtful gifts – even better if they serve an educational purpose. For this reason, family board games for all ages are a winning idea. Not only do they make great keepsakes, but children can play them with their parents which is great for family bonding too.

But most of all, they are a great gift that entertains and in many cases helps support school learning too. You might wonder, how do board games help child development? Well there are lots of ways, from helping with concentration, improving language skills, to fine motor skills, social skills and increasing general knowledge.

Best Young Family Board Games Under a Tenner

With all this in mind, here’s some of the best board games for kids under 10, that will cost you under a tenner too – perfect for kids birthday gifting.

Perfect for Reception age kids

Orchard Toys, Dino-Snore-Us (age 4+)

Orchard Toys are synonymous with high-quality gifts in parenting circles. This Dinosaur-theme game is great fun, as well as a simple board game for family time together. This is ideal for reception-age children that are still into dinosaurs. The game is easy to figure out – players compete to collect the most uncracked eggs from the sleeping T-Rex taking it in turns, ensuring not to wake it. It’s a lovely gift for little ones, plus it helps develop their numeracy and counting skills too.

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For Classic Game Lovers

Yahtzee (age 8)

Some games are timeless, like Yahtzee. This makes a fun present for Year 3 and 4 children, with its compact case making it ideal for taking on holiday or bringing in for wet play. To get going, players roll the five dice, trying to score combinations. There are 13 tries per player, where you accumulate points. There’s risk and jeopardy involved, as well as all the ingredients you need for a fun family game.

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Ideal for Upcoming Holidays

Guess Who, Grab & Go (age 6)

Speaking of the best classic family board games, it doesn’t get better than Guess Who. Available in this handy ‘grab and go’ size version, it’s perfect for family holidays, especially long car journeys. It’s also a rite of passage that every child should have in their childhood! The game is ideal for two players, as they battle it out to guess the character the other has picked. There are 40 different characters to guess from, and it’s amazing at how long this entertains the kids. It’s also under your £10 budget, meaning you can throw a bag of Percy Pigs in for good measure, and everyone is happy.

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Fun for pre-teens

Beat the Parents, (age 8)

That difficult age around 8-10 is particularly hard to impress. However, there’s one game that never fails to amuse and entertain this age group and that’s ‘Beat the Parent’s. The premise of the game is to outsmart your opponent – typically parents versus kids. It’s a trivia game that stretches your skills to the maximum. However, adults have to answer questions about kids’ stuff and kids have to answer about adults. All this, with the occasional challenge thrown in for fun, and you can see why it’s so popular, and one of the top fun family board games to play!

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Best two-in-one offer

Galt, Snakes & Ladders and Ludo (age 3+)

Some games transcend age groups, and this two-in-one family board game for all ages is just that. From Galt, this beautifully packaged board game set makes an impressive and thoughtful gift that families will enjoy playing together. The classic game of Snakes & Ladders needs no introduction – players use dice to progress the board, but can easily falter at any stage if they land on a snake… weee, all the way down.

You might think it’s all a bit trivial, but little ones love it, and it teaches them about winning and losing gallantly – something most toddlers don’t take kindly to! As for Ludo, this bonus game invites you to become an explorer in the Arctic, African Plains, Tropical Rainforest or Coral Sea – what’s not to love?

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The Perfect Choice for Book Lovers

The Gruffalo Deep Dark Woods Board Game (age 3+)

You won’t need to ask ‘is your child a fan of the Gruffalo’ – it’s a given that every primary school-age child has heard of this character from the classic Julia Donaldson book, and definitely has a view on it! Much like the book itself, this beautifully illustrated game is a real keepsake to gift a special friend.

Players take turns to help the mouse get home safely. It involves a bit of luck, a good memory, and a dice. The board game is highly interactive and features moments from the book that are sure to bring a smile. So, if you’re looking for one of the best new family board games out for 2023 – this might just be a winner.

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For Kids with Pet Dogs

Goliath Skid Markz Board Gam (age 6+)

If your friend is one of the many that accumulated a dog over lockdown, then this is the gift for them! The delightfully named ‘Skid Markz’ is not taxing, instead, a silly bit of fun that children will find hilarious (parents possibly less so!). Up to four players can get involved, as they are tasked with drawing challenges, as they move their dog around the board. It really is as silly as it gets, but to no surprise, the little ones love it! 

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Best for Pure Fun!

The Yes! No! Game (age 8+)

How much fun can you have with a pack of cards and a ‘ring for service’ bell? Quite a lot as it happens! This fast-and-furious game is great for brain training, concentration levels and for having a good old giggle! Quick-fire questions are thrown at players, and require a simple yes or no answer before they are dinged out by the bell

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Final Thoughts…

So there you have it, a selection of the best new family board games, and classic games that make the perfect gift for 5-10-year-olds.

So when it comes to gift giving for the many birthdays ahead, you know where to go!