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30 Beautiful Autumn Baby Names for Girls

Was your baby born during autumn, or does he or she remind you of the beautiful season? Here are 30 autumn inspired baby names for your consideration.

Amber – Pertains to the golden red colour of fossilized tree resins. Also means ‘jewel’.

Autumn – A direct translation but also a beautiful name.

Ash – Means ‘happy’. Also pertains to the ash tree.

Aurelia – Comes from the Latin word ‘golden’.

Brook – Directly means ‘stream’ in Old English.

Casper – An offshoot of Jasper and equates to ‘treasurer’.

Cormac – Has Irish origins and means ‘raven’s son’.

Daphne – A kind of laurel tree that blooms during autumn.

Dory – ‘Golden haired’ and a plus if you’re a lover of the Disney film.

Flynn – Has Irish roots and means ‘son of a red-hair’.

Griffin – A mythical bird and comes from Welsh origins.

Hazel – Pertains to the hazel tree and also the amalgam of brown and green colors.

Hunter – Means the same and comes from Old English.

Jasper – A gemstone that has all the colours of autumn.

Jayden – Means ‘thankful’. Also, the name of a green stone.

Juniper – A berry-producing tree and means ‘youthful’.

Laurel – The tree’s leaves symbolize victory and honour.

Lennox – From Scotland and Gaelic roots, means ‘many elm trees’.

Maisie – Means ‘pearl’ in Scottish.

Olive – Pertaining to the tree and means ‘peaceful’.

Orla – Means ‘golden princess’ in Celtic roots.

Opal – An October birthstone and a white iridescent gem.

Perry – Equates to ‘pear tree’ in Old English.

Radley – Means ‘red meadow’ or ‘red fields’.

Rory – Means ‘red haired king’ in Irish.

Rowan – A berry-bearing tree and means ‘young redhead’.

Sienna – A colour that’s a mix of brown and orange. Also means ‘redhead’.

Topaz – The November birthstone and directly means ‘jewel’.

Willow – Attributed to being graceful and pertains to ancient trees.

Woodrow – When directly translated, it means a ‘row of houses’ in the woods.