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67 Vintage Baby Girl Names

Vintage names impress in many aspects. There’s so much in vintage baby names to admire, from being uncommon and beautiful to carrying heavy messages. Recently, vintage names are resurfacing and getting recognition, not to mention that a pretty good deal of them have re-entered the top 100 popular baby name chart.

Do you want inspiration for a perfect name to give the baby you are expecting, or are you stuck naming your newly born baby? Here’s a great collection of vintage baby names that you can turn to.

1) Ada

The name Ada is of German origin, meaning noble. It’s perfect for a first daughter.

2) Adelaide

A girl’s name of German origin name meaning noble-natured.

3) Adele

Adele is a feminine name of German origin, meaning noble or kind.

4) Adeline

A diminutive of Adele also meaning noble or nobility. It’s a name of French origin.

5) Alice

Alice is a baby girl’s name of German origin that means noble.

6) Alma

A sweet feminine name of Latin origin introduced in the Crimean war. Alma means nurturing souls.

7) Agatha

Agatha is a classic feminine name meaning honourable. This name is of Greek origin.

8) Agnes

As plain as it sounds, Agnes is a perfect name for an innocent, pretty girl. Agnes is of Greek origin and means holy.

9) Allegra

An uncommon name or Latin origin meaning joyous.

10) Beatrice

Beatrice hails from the French community and means the bringer of joy.

11) Bonnie

A gentle-sounding name superb for an attractive girl. Bonnie is of Scottish origin.

12) Cassandra

This name is the feminine form of Cassander. This Greek origin name means one who shines.

13) Catherine

Catherine is a recognized, classic name to bless your little girl with. The name Catherine is of Greek origin that depicts purity.

14) Cecilia

Another classic girl’s name of Latin origin meaning blind. It’s the feminine form of Cecil.

15) Clara

Looking for a simple feminine name, this Clara of Latin origin will serve your kid just fine. It means bright.

16) Constance

This is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning faithful.

17) Cordelia

Cordelia is a stunning female name of English origin. The name means daughter of the sea.

18) Daisy

Daisy is a sweet floral and vintage name for a girl. It’s of English origin and depicts purity.

19) Darlene

This is an old English female name meaning darling.

20) Diana

Diana is German origin female name meaning divine.

21) Dorothy

Looking for a cute, vintage name for your little girl? Dorothy, a name of Greek origin meaning Gift from God, is a perfect choice.

22) Edie

Edie is an old English name meaning blessed or riches.

23) Elsie

A pretty and simple name of Scottish origin meaning God is my oath.

24) Emmeline

Emmeline is an old girl’s name of French and German that means hardworking or industrious.

25) Esme

A female name of French origin meaning loved.

26) Etta

This is a feminine vintage name of English origin, meaning ruler.

27) Evelyn

A classic and popular name of English origin. Is your little girl full of life? Why not give her this name as it means exactly that.

28) Edna

Edna is a simple and cute name of Hebrew origin, meaning rejuvenation.

29) Eloise

A gorgeous vintage feminine name of English/ French origin, meaning healthy.

30) Ethel

A diminutive of the name Etheldreda meaning noble maiden. The name is of Old English origin.

31) Esther

This is a classic yet distinguished feminine name of Persian origin, meaning star.

32) Frances

The vintage name Frances is of Latin origin and means free man.

33) Florence

A widely used, English origin name for girls meaning prosperous and blossoming.

34) Gertrude

Gertrude is a German-origin vintage girl’s name meaning strength and power.

35) Grace

A common feminine name of Latin origin that means God’s grace.

36) Hazel

Hazel is a cute Old English name representing the hazel tree.

37) Helena

This is a girl’s name of Greek origin. The meaning of the name Helena is shining light.

38) Ida

An easy and pretty Old German origin girl’s name meaning hardworking.

39) Imogen

The feminine name Imogen is of Irish origin and means maiden.

40) Ines

A Portuguese/ Greek origin name meaning pure, holy, or chaste.

41) Ivy

Looking for an easy-to-pronounce old English name for your baby girl? Ivy, meaning vine, is more than perfect.

42) Judith

A biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning the praised one.

43) Josephine

A feminine form of Joseph, meaning Jehovah Increases. This name hails from the Hebrews.

44) June

June is a popular mid-20th girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning born in June.

45) Kate

This is an attractive baby girl name of English origin. Kate means pure.

46) Lilian

Lilian is a widely used girl’s name of English, German and Hebrew origin. The name means lily or purity.

47) Louise

Do you wish your baby to be a warrior in life? Louise, a German origin name, is a perfect choice. It means famous warrior.

48) Lucy

A feminine form of Lucious and an English name meaning born at dawn.

49) Mae

The name Mae is too cute for a baby girl. It means bitter or pearl and is of English origin.

50) Margaret

Margaret is a girl’s name of Greek and English origin, meaning pearl.

51) Nanette

A diminutive of Ann meaning grace. Nanette is of Latin origin.

52) Octavia

Octavia is a bold name for a little princess. It’s of Latin origin and means born eighth.

53) Olivia

A feminine variety of boys name Oliver that means the Oliver tree. Olivia is a widely used girl’s name.

54) Pearl

Pearl is a feminine name of Latin origin but derived from the English world Pearl. This name means precious.

55) Penelope

The name Penelope of Greek origin means weaver and is a unique name to give your baby girl.

56) Phoebe

This is a simple yet charming baby girl name meaning the shining one. The name is of Latin origin.

57) Posey

A cute girl’s name and a diminutive of Josephine. Posey is of English origin and means a bunch of flowers.

58) Prudence

Prudence is a feminine name meaning good judgment. It’s a medieval form of Prudentia.

59) Quinn

A gender-neutral name or Latin origin meaning wise. Initially, it was an Irish surname.

60) Rose

Rose is a vintage and a floral feminine name, meaning a flower. It’s derived from the Latin name Rosa referring to the flower.

61) Serephina

An attention-seeking girl’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning the burning ones.

62) Sophia

This cute name is an early Greek name meaning wisdom. It’s alternatively spelled Sofia.

63) Theresa

A beautiful name of Greek origin, meaning late harvest.

64) Tabitha

Tabitha is a medieval time feminine name of Aramaic origin. The name means gazelle.

65) Valentine

Are you looking for a gender-neutral name for your child? Valentine, a name of English origin meaning vigorous, is a brilliant option.

66) Winifred

The name Winifred is an old English name meaning holy or blessed.

67) Zara

Zara is an attractive, biblical name of Arabic origin. The name means princess or lady.


Pick the name that stuns you in this unrivalled vintage baby names list and kick off your little angel’s life with a vintage vibe.