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4 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Bullies

Bullying has become a major problem in schools, and with the rise of technology, it is only getting worse. In fact, about half of young people worldwide have been bullied online. This can lead to serious physical and emotional trauma. Here are some things you can do to protect your child from bullying so they can focus on their school work and enjoy being a kid.

What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone repeatedly does something to harm another person. This could be physical bullying, verbal bullying, and cyberbullying. Verbal bullying is when someone says hurtful things to someone else. Physical bullying is when someone physically hurts someone else. Cyberbullying can happen through text messages or on social media or an app like Snapchat or Instagram.

What to do if your child is bullied

If your child is being bullied, here are some things you can do to help them.

Talk to the bully: If they are a child, talk to them and tell them that this behaviour is not okay because it hurts other people. They may not be aware of what they’re doing.

Talk with your child: Talk about the situation with your child and make sure they know it’s not their fault. Sometimes just hearing from someone who cares about them can make a big difference when trying to get through this tough time.

Help them learn ways to cope: Bullying can leave children feeling helpless and afraid. It’s important for kids to know that they have control over how they react in certain situations. Teach your child healthy coping skills they could use if they’re ever bullied again, like talking to friends or teachers for support, drawing pictures or writing down their feelings, playing outside or taking up another hobby, and more.

Teach empathy: Bullies often feel powerless so teaching empathy is an important tool for building relationships with others. You might teach your child how bullying makes other people feel by having him/her pretend he/she is the person being bullied and then acting out what he/she imagines what feels like being bullied. Kids need to learn that everyone deserves respect and compassion from everyone else – themselves included!

How to help children who are victims of bullying

As a parent, it can be difficult to know how to help your child who is a victim of bullying. The first thing you should do is stay calm and let them know that you care about their feelings. It’s important for them to feel supported and protected. The next step would be to talk with teachers and school counsellors about the bullying situation. This may have already happened and you may not even know about it. Victims of bullying also need support from family and friends as well, so make sure they have someone they can talk to other than adults at school. Tell your child that you are there for them while they work through their thoughts and emotions and encourage them to speak out if they are being bullied again in the future.


Bullying can be a scary and challenging thing to watch your child go through. The best thing to do is to be there for them and help them find ways to cope with their feelings. Whether it’s by finding out more information about bullying, finding one-on-one support, or identifying people they can talk to, the most important thing you can do is to listen. Bullying is not something that will go away on its own, so it’s up to you as a parent to help your child find a way to walk away from it.