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You Can Now Buy a Slide Which Attaches to Your Stairs!

Kids love playing on slides. Unfortunately, they cannot have play on them when the weather is bad. Because of their love for slides, you’ll find most kids trying to look for ways of experiencing such fun in the house.

That’s why it’s common to see kids using certain things like sleeping bags or mattresses down the stairs as slides.

Instead of all this havoc, why not buy them a safe and effective stair slide? You may be wondering what it entails. Let’s look at one of the best stair slides in the market.

The Magic Toy Shop’s Kids Slide…

This awesome 2 in 1 Indoor & Outdoor kids slide from The Magic Toy Shop is a game-changer. It brings the slide fun indoors. You can attach it to any indoor staircase. Its design also makes it usable outside. The slide comes with steel frames and sturdy steps that can handle the weight of your kids.

Kids are messy and can drown in fun, forgetting about playing safely. That’s why this slide comes with handrails, an adjustable bar to attach to the stairs, and a robust powder-coated steel frame for safety.

The assembling and storage of this slide is a breeze. It comes with stress-free packaging. Read through the easy-to-understand installation manual for guidelines.

With this fantastic slide, your child will develop excellent motor skills. It’s also ideal for children with special needs. This slide will also help any child improve their sense of balance.

If you have a party and the harsh weather does not allow kids to have fun outside, this slide will sort your kids perfectly indoors.


• A fixed, adjustable bar of up to 44 inches

• Three slide chute sections

• Two handrail tubes of 25.4mm x 1.0mm

• Made with high-impact polypropylene

• A fade-resistant and UV-protected finish

It’s an fun slide suitable for indoor and outdoor fun. You can buy this Kid’s 2 in 1 Indoor & Outdoor Freestanding or Stair Slide from OnBuy.