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Parents are loving this Toddler Potty Training Target Light

Do boys take longer to potty train? The simple answer is yes. Boys usually start potty training much later than girls. In fact, they show interest in potty training three months after girls. As such, they complete their training much later.

The good news is, there is a gadget that will help your boy potty train. Introducing the Potty Training Target Light, an easy-to-use gadget designed to improve your boy’s aim. As the latest in potty training tech, it has a fully adjustable design that fits any toilet. It’s also made of durable materials that withstand any toilet cleaning agent.

The features of the Toddler Potty Training Target Light…

Toilet Light…

Loved by parents, the Potty Training Target Light has a brilliant light that shines into the toilet. In fact, it projects a target onto the toilet bowl allowing your little boy to know where to aim. As such, you don’t have to worry that your boy’s pee will hit the floor. Also, it ensures that your toilet seat stays pee-free.

Besides helping your little boy learn how to aim into the toilet in a cool way, the gadget also acts as a night light. This helps guide your kid to the toilet when they go to pee in the middle of the night. It has two modes – motion-activated and night light mode.

Motion-activated only turns on the light when the gadget detects the presence of a person in front of it. The night light mode turns on when it’s dark. Besides promoting independent potty training, it’s beneficial for special needs children.

Adjustable Design…

The Potty Training Target Light has an adjustable design. You can move it and aim the gadget at whatever location inside the toilet bowl. When you sit, it won’t hit your back. It’s easily visible and works with any toilet.

It’s super easy to remove and place back on the toilet. This is because it comes with a 3M adhesive strip. Before installation, clean the toilet area with an alcohol wipe. Next, peel the sticker off the gadget’s back, then press firmly against the toilet lid for 90 seconds.

Where can you buy the Potty Training Target Light?

You can buy the Potty Training Light Target at Punkybobs for £21.95.

Final Thoughts…

The Potty Training Target Light makes potty training easy for boys. Suitable for toddlers of all ages, it projects a bright green target helping your little boy learn to use the toilet.

Easy to use and maintain, it acts as a night light to help with night vision. We highly recommend the Potty Training Target Light and hope it will help reduce potty training accidents in your home.