Home DIY Hacks You Can’t Live Without


Bathroom towels, we all need them and we all use them. Creating a way to store or display them can be challenging. Not everyone will choose to have them on show, for those who do, let’s be creative.

Boat d-ring hooks are great for many bathroom hacks. Especially if you enjoy a nautical themed wet room. They help to create a modern and understated look that many interior enthusiasts will love. You can use them vertically as hooks behind your bathroom door.  It’s also possible to use them on shelves to avoid your perfect towel rolls from falling. This gives a luxurious spa aesthetic to your bathroom and will make any guests feel well looked after.

Newspaper as wallpaper is a creative and artsy way to redesign any room, creating character in a unique design. Each page used for the newspaper is different, which helps to create a unique and individual design that is perfect for showcasing your personality.

Try adding some water colour paintings over the newsprint to make a unique and inspiring wall. The newspaper wall can also look effective with plain mirrors to creating the illusion of a bigger space.  We’re sure this top tip will be extremely helpful for anyone looking to make their bathroom feel bigger.

Giving your staircase the ‘wow’ factor!

Stairs can be boring, a functional part of your home which many do not thing to decorate.  By adding interesting wallpaper styles or tiling, you can easily create a unique stairway in your home, which will wow guests and build character within your home.

You can adapt this idea and incorporate it into the horizontal or vertical sides of shelves, or even decorate the inside of your chest of drawers. Add some patterned wallpaper you may have spare to add some much-needed detail.

Lighting makes all the difference!

You may also want to add spot lights into the side of your stairs, this can provide nice mood lighting for your stairways, and incorporate a modern twist to the design.

Not into the permanency of the tile concept? Add a patterned runner rug, added by a table gun and metal runner holds. This gives a luxurious warm aesthetic to your home that guests are bound to love.

Accessories the shelves, add candles, ornaments, vases or anything which interests you. This will make any book shelf  go from academic to stylish interior.

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