All the shades of grey


Where once the safe and soothing home interior colour option seemed to be magnolia, these days things are a whole lot more elegant and chic, which is why grey is definitely in. If you’ve been thinking about redecorating and what something that is definitely stylish, yet without breaking the bank, then grey could be the shade that you’ve been looking for.

Get inspired for your home décor by finding out right here how you could be adding some grey to your interiors.

So many shades

The great thing about grey is the fact that there are simply so many shades to choose from, from murky charcoal colours right through to the palest pearls. This means that whatever your personal home décor preferences are, you’ll always be able to pick shades that work well for your home and dream looks.

Where to start

Grey works pretty much anywhere in the house, whichever room you choose to accent. However undoubtedly it does work particularly well in both the bedroom and living room. Perhaps because in general grey shades tend to be pretty elegant and tranquil, which means they lend themselves perfectly to the home’s most relaxing areas.

To get started with your grey ambitions, soft furnishings are definitely the way to go, since these are relatively inexpensive and easy enough to change up. Think rugs, blankets, soft squishy cushions and even curtains.

If you’ve got bigger aspirations though, a lick of grey paint on the walls could be just the thing you’re after. Just remember that if you are painting the walls grey, to choose a lighter shade to avoid making the room look too dark.

For effortlessly chic home interiors, then nowadays it is all about grey.

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