Planning a perfect kitchen layout

When embarking on a kitchen redesign the first (and most important) step is to create an effective plan for the layout of your kitchen.  Taking the time to plan your new layout will ensure you are making the best use of the space available.

While every home is different, there are 4 or 5 key layouts, each with their own set of individual benefits.  These layouts include double and single gallery kitchens; U-shaped kitchens and L-shaped kitchens that offer optimum counter space.

Is an island the perfect addition to your kitchen?

Today, most people use their kitchen space as a hub within the home.  This is why it is important to create a multi-use space where you can easily cook, entertain, help the children with homework and even enjoy a nice glass of wine.

For many of us, an island offers the ideal multitasking space.  A social hub and a work zone, the island provides much-needed work space that can also double as a breakfast bar.  You can make your island work even harder by incorporating charging ports or sockets for electrical devices.  You can even opt to integrate coat pegs under the lip of the island countertop.

Even better, why not add a bookshelf or wine storage to your island?  The extra storage space this offers can often provide you with more kitchen layout options.  For example, if you utilise your island effectively, you may have the luxury of not having to worry about the added cost of installing wall cabinets so that your kitchen space feels open and light.  The island can also act as a cut-off point between zones in the kitchen, which is particularly useful if you like to socialise whilst cooking.

Key things to consider in your kitchen design

Regardless of the final kitchen layout you choose, there are some key things that should always be part of your plan. Try to keep your bin within easy reach of your dishwasher and your dishwasher should be close to your sink.  Your bin should also be close to your hob and food prep area.  This helps make up the ‘golden triangle’ in kitchen design.


Kitchen Bar

If you’re looking to maximise space in your kitchen, a breakfast bar can do the same job as an island – especially one that you can move when it is not in use.  This will help to keep your kitchen looking tidy and clutter free.  A number of brands now offer stylish and sleek models that can double as both a breakfast bar and a storage unit.


Bitra Hook Rail

Installing a hook rail in your kitchen makes it easy to store pots and pans as close as possible to your oven and hob.  A hook rail makes it possible to display your pots and pans and can save on cupboard storage.  Hook rails are now available in blackened bronze, matt nickel, brass, which means they will easily match any colour palette you choose.