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Clever Mum Blends Cheerios to Make Edible Sensory Sand for her Baby

A Mum on TikTok came up with the brilliant idea of creating edible sand for her daughter to prevent her from eating real sand when playing with her beach toys.

Using a blender, the mum crushed Cheerios and used the ground product as beach sand so that even if her child accidentally ate it, it would not harm her.

She put the fine Cheerios in a big tray, threw in some beach-themed toys for her daughter then let her child play in the fake but edible sand pit.

Impressively, the ground Cheerios did the trick as the child is seen in the video which the mum uploaded to TikTok trying to eat a toy along with the fake sand.

Thousands of mums were impressed with this clever hack but some criticised the Mum and asked what would happen if the child tried to eat real sand? The mum  answered that she was wondered about that too but she lives in the state of Illinois in America (where there is no sand).

What’s your opinion about this clever parental hack? Let us know in the comment section below…