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You can now buy a Children’s Booster Seat that doubles as a Suitcase

Move over Trunki! there’s a new Children’s suitcase on the market and it doubles as a booster seat! want to learn more about the CarGoSeat? Continue reading…

What is CarGoSeat?

CarGoSeat is a booster seat for children that converts into a sleek rolling suitcase. As a travelling companion, your kid can take it anywhere. Whether on a long car journey, the school run, or a flight, it offers total assurance for parents as they travel.

As a Group 3 booster, it meets the current ECE R44/04 UK safety regulations. The CarGoSeat complies with all EU and UK crash test requirements. It has gone through rigorous seat belt positioning and crash tests. As such, you can rest assured that your child is safe.

The CarGoSeat has no metal parts. It comes with a washable seat pad and a full plastic body. This makes it easy to remove spills and stains. Stylish and convenient, it transforms into a lightweight suitcase with a pull-along handle in seconds. As such, your child can take it anywhere with him.

What Are the Features of the CarGoSeats?

The following are the features of the CarGoSeat…

Full Plastic Body…

One of the features of the CarGoSeat is the full plastic body. Made of ABS plastic, it’s resistant to physical impacts and chemical corrosion. Basically, the CarGoSeat can withstand heavy use plus environmental conditions.

Washable Seat Pad…

Sitting for long periods while travelling can cause a variety of health issues. For example, you can misalign your spine or pelvis or force your back to slump. The seat pad provides a boost in comfort. It also ensures less compression on your child’s tailbone and hips.

Joint and spine issues can impact the quality of your child’s life. But a good seat will redistribute the compressive force and protect your child. Since the CarGoSeat comes with a washable pad, it’s easy to clean and reuse. .

Pull Along Handle…

The CarGoSeat converts into a lightweight wheeled case. To do so, push the arms back down on each side of the seat. Pull out the pull-along handle at the back, and now, you’ve a lightweight and easy to manoeuvre suitcase.

Designed to make life easier, kids can pull the CarGoSeat when going on holiday. It has wheels that have been tested on various surfaces such as grass, kitchen floor, carpet, pavement, and others. Basically, it’s easy to transport and convenient. The handle neatly folds away flat when used as a car seat.

Storage Space…

It comes with 10 litres of storage space which is enough for kids to store a change of clothes, toys, toothbrushes, or PJ’s. You can also fit your kid’s tablet, comic books, their teddy, and more. Opening and closing the clasps is easy.

Thanks to the wheels and pull-along handle, your kids can wheel the suitcase along with little effort. In fact, he can do so while pretending he is going on a holiday.

Where Can You Buy a CarGoSeat?

You can order your CarGoSeat from for £39.99. The site allows you to select from a range of bright colours – Green, Pink, Purple, and Blue

What Awards has the GoCarSeat Won?

The ultimate booster seat that revolutionised how families travel won the 2020 Right Start Awards, and Made For Mums 2020 Awards. It has also won the 2020 Bizzie Baby Bronze Award and was shortlisted for the LovedByParents Awards 2020.

Final Thoughts

The CarGoSeat is a must-have booster seat for every family. With its easy to wheel funky suitcase and pull-along handle, it saves you on car seat hire. The case has a full plastic body and washable seat pad for comfort on long trips.

Easy to clean, you can wipe the plastic body and hand wash the seat pad. Because it meets European safety standards, you can rest assured that your child is safe. Installation takes a few seconds, and so is transforming the seat into a lightweight case.

If you’re looking for a safe booster seat that gives you peace of mind and saves you space, order your own CarGoSeat today!