What do I need to know about bathroom heating?


When it comes to your bathroom, you won’t be surprised to hear that unlike other rooms in your home it has a unique set of requirements when it comes to keeping warm.  The room itself is often humid and damp and is typically smaller than other spaces.  These factors make for a very specific assortment of heating requirements. 

This is why many homeowners choose to redesign their bathroom last to ensure they choose the perfect heating system to suit their personal needs.    

Nowadays, there is a huge assortment of heating choices to pick and choose from, and only some of these choices will be suitable for your bathroom depending on the style, size and shape of your bathroom.  If you’re currently thinking of redesigning your bathroom and are feeling a little lost when it comes to your new bathroom heating, we’re here to help!  We have all the information you need to choose the perfect heating system for you. 

Is a heated towel rail the right option? 

One of the most popular heating options which works well in almost any bathroom is a heated towel rail.  Heated towel rails are far more practical than standard radiators, as they will help to keep your towels dry and warm and fluffy.  Finding the right heated towel rail can also make a stylish addition to your bathroom.   

If you’re on the hunt for a minimalist, modern look then a heated towel rail is the perfect choice.  Many online brands like Trade Radiators offer a fantastic assortment of timeless, streamlined products to pick and choose from.   

You will need plenty of free wall space if you’re keen to install a new heated towel rail, as modern options are typically designed to take up a large amount of space.  If wall space is tight in your bathroom, then you will still be able to find space-saving solutions. 

The vast majority of heated towel rails are now capable of providing more than enough heat to keep your bathroom warm and toasty and also keep towels fluffy – perfect for stepping out of the shower or bath. 

Should I invest in underfloor heating? 

Arguably the most luxurious heating choice, underfloor heating is becoming increasingly more popular amongst homeowners.  We’re sure you’ll agree that nothing beats stepping out of the shower or bath onto a warm, pre-heated floor.    

When it comes to underfloor heating there are two types to choose from; the wet system, which uses water pipes to heat the floor, or the dry system.  The dry system uses electric wires instead of hot water pipes to heat the floor above.   

Underfloor heating is ideal for banishing cold tiled flooring and also acts as a radiator, gently heating the room to make it cosy and warm.  This is a fantastic streamlined solution, making it a great choice for large or small bathroom spaces. 

Just remember, underfloor heating always requires professional installation, which can be expensive.  However, once the underfloor heating has been installed, this heating option is surprisingly inexpensive to run.   

Other heating options to consider 

There are a range of alternative heating options to consider.  Overhead heaters can be a popular option for small bathroom spaces as they don’t take up any wall space.  You could also install baseboard heaters.  This heating option connects to your main electricity and is fitted directly to your bathroom baseboard.  If you’re on a budget, then these other heating solutions are probably out of your price range.  As these heating options take a long time to heat up, they are not the most cost-effective heating solution. 

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